Wednesday, February 2

RomCom movie review blog swap!

ALOHA Chickadees! Some friends and I got together and did a movie review blog swap. This month we reviewed RomCom's... in all their sappy glory. My buddy Rio from over at Good Music Bad Math  has done a amazing job with a little gem you may have seen, The Ugly Truth. Enjoy!

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Hey everyone it’s me, Andres Rio, but I mostly go by Rio. I am just your regular nerdy dude, thinking about chicks while he solves differential equations and listens to music. This is my review for our movie blog swap.

For this month’s movie review, the theme was appropriately chosen to be bad romantic comedies. Being of the male gender, and not at all too familiar with the genre, I decided to just Wikipedia it and see what I got. Now reading through the Romantic Comedy article (also labeled as the ‘chick flick’ one), I saw “Knocked Up”, which led me to a “click” on that link. I had already seen it but I thought maybe I would find something else to satisfy my curiosity. Aha, so I had found another related movie, “The Ugly Truth”.

This movie can be summed up in a word: awkward. Not an awkward funny, like realizing how much better looking you are than that ex’s current boyfriend.  It’s not even an embarrassing awkward, like nearly hitting your next door neighbor while making out in your car (don’t kiss and drive kids). Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler bring you a fresh mix of uncomfortable feelings and squirming around, while you hold on to your remote to remind yourself that you can change the channel at anytime.

First off was the acting. I have a lot of respect for Gerard Butler, because the man was in 300 AND The Phantom of the Opera. I mean, he should practically slap a “Try Type-Casting This Shit” sticker on his face. Both of his performances in those movies were great, and he showed off the different skills that an actor must have to genuinely present a variety of characters. Check it out:

A living war machine…
A stalker with a great singing voice and screwed up face
Yet his performance of bitter man/controversial relationship commentator Mike Chadway left my mind boggled. I was distracted from half his lines due to the fact that he was maneuvering his face in weird contortions. I assume that this was to help him speak in an “American” accent, and not in his native Scottish one. Why anyone would try to hide a Scottish accent is beyond me, but I wasn’t the screenwriter so I will stay silent on that topic. Mike’s behavior throughout the movie was erratic and confusing though. This guy goes from insulting and arrogant to generous and caring to whiny and devastated. Maybe the director wanted to show how his relationship to Heigl’s character brought out his true feelings? If so, man, great idea, horrible execution. I know I am supposed to be cheering on Gerard’s character so he can end up with the girl but damn, turns out Mike is a whiny bitch that is given up on love…Katherine do you really want that in your bed and in your life?

Speaking of Mrs. Heigl, I just have to say, “Not again” and shake my head. Listen, Katherine, you are awesome looking, and you seem like a really nice person with a great personality. I would probably take you out to dinner, and then let you meet mom and dad, maybe talk about having a three-some with one of your girlfriends…what? Well, my point is that even though you are this “nice girl” actress, I can’t help but think you are consistently portrayed as the epitome of the annoying woman, complete with extreme naïveté, clumsiness, and an ability to criticize everything and everyone around you. Let’s look at Knocked Up. You meet Seth Rogan, get preggers, and fall in love with him, albeit with various misadventures and realizations that you can’t force love or who you fall in love with. Great! And now you are in this movie, where you meet Gerard Butler, have to deal with his shenanigans on your morning show, and fall in love with him, albeit with even more ridiculous misadventures (like the one involving panties with a built-in vibrator), where you learn, yet again, you can’t force love or who you fall in love with. Let’s take a moment and sigh. Where are you going wrong Katherine? Aren’t you an actress, a person who brings to life characters from a script? Whatever happened to doing an action film, a (real) comedy, a horror movie even?? All I’m saying is, if I can copy and paste your performance from a previous movie to the one I’m watching and it still fits, there is something wrong here.

Now, let’s talk about storyline. In simple terms, its girl meets boy, girl hates boy, boy thinks girl is stupid, and then through experiences shared with one another they find out they were in love the whole time! Well by golly, isn’t that a dandy? But here is the problem…did this movie just paint a very ugly picture of both sexes to achieve this plot outcome? For men, it’s that in reality either we are easily manipulated or deceived, like Heigl’s character’s boyfriend, or that we are huge dicks that were just hurt by those scheming women in our lives, Butler’s character in this case. On the women’s side, the main character has a list of “10 Characteristics” that her dream man must have. Excuse me…do all women find love as if they were finding a purse or a pair of shoes? If that’s the case I should walk around with a neon sign that says “I HAVE AN ELEVATED IQ, HAVE NO HISTORY OF TERMINAL DISEASES, AND I CAN DANCE”, maybe that will make girls jump on me to make behbehs. Just saying.

I don’t think I have an inherent distaste for rom-coms, I just want to believe what I am seeing. Now, a movie about love and finding love doesn’t always have to buy into extreme generalizations. Maybe, just listen to me for a second, our personalities are our own AND we can find someone that can live with that. That’s not settling for someone, that’s called acceptance of who they are. This movie was like trying to eat bullshit sauce for however many minutes this film lasted. Not to mention there were scenes that made me wonder out loud if there were supposed to be funny at all. I guess I don’t find Katherine Heigl fake-blowing someone at a ball park amusing, but maybe there are people that do. I would like a Katherine Heigl real blowjob, so I really hope this whole “blogging” thing works out. :P

On a parting note, I must say at least something about the movie’s soundtrack (music blogging will do that for you). Overall, there is a nice mix of artists ranging in styles and popularity, from Katy Perry to Los Pinguos. One song to definitely look up and nab for your library is El Gitano del Amor by the Latin Soul Syndicate, which is an excellent jazzy salsa mixture for your earbuds to enjoy. So, if anything, get the soundtrack and listen up, and watch the movie when you are several shots deep. 

I think Rio knocked it out of the park with this one. Now go check out his blog! GO! GO! GO! 


MrsCaptKerk said...

I've seen some of this movie, and it was terrible! Just awful!

And PS...I feel ridiculous bc I always call you "Andres." But not anymore! RIO! (just like Jem's boyfriend!)

That Ain't Kosher said...

At least the soundtrack is OK, right? Right?

Oh, Gerard. I'd like to look at you, but I just can't anymore.

McGriddle Pants said...

I'll just watch 300 over and over to delete the image of him in this movie.

WHICH he actually looked pretty good in, the script just sucked (Same goes for The Bounty Hunter).


Paul said...

300 i'm not gay but damn those abs

Anonymous said...

Awesome, that’s exactly what I was scanning for! You just spared me alot of searching around