Saturday, July 18

there's nothing sexier then a handle-bar mustache

I am renewed, rejuvenated and re- well.. something that starts with re.

I've had some tough times lately. Tough times that I shared with a few of you, or partially with some, and none with others. Sad I know. Tough times that sometimes your not particularly proud of. However, I'm moving past and trying to get life together.

I'm renewed in my quest to join the peace corps. I've officially decided, after months of s pinning my wheels, to file for bankruptcy. Not the best idea I've had in years, but I'm honestly making NO progress, and I still have 5 credit card collection agencies calling me daily. SEveral times daily. Several times daily and leaving messages.

Things that make me happy:
"Return of the Living Dead" on AMC [American Movie Classics].
Friends that call you 4 times in a row until you answer when they know something is wrong.
A tall cool budweiser (or bud light).
Having a driver's license.

I read a great quote yesterday, that I'd like to share..
"do not be afraid of dying be afraid of not living life."


Ann said...

I was stumbling around Blogger and I found your site. What a time you're having!?!

That's a wonderful quote you've posted.

Taj said...

Thanks for the quote. Sounds like another one of your mottos...or is that considered Wang Chunging? Glad to meet you.

Donna said...

If creditors are calling you several times daily...that's harrassment! I'm no attorney, but I'm pretty sure that legally they cannot do that. Just tell them that if they call you more than once a month, you will seek legal counsel. That should get them off your case. By the way, filing for bankruptcy is not the end of the world. You can get through it. Remember, perserverance builds character! God bless.