Tuesday, September 28

random shizz tuesday

Serenity Now!! Insanity Later...

RST! with 2 hours to spare... Pacific Standard Time :)

Someone tell me my hair didn't look exactly like Johnny Depp's here in Nightmare on Elm Street...
I know, right?!

If you don't know who Tucker Max is, you are living a sheltered life. I read his book I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell last year and have literally never laughed so hard at a book in my entire life. And now he has a new book out, which I purchased today! (And the girl at Borders gave me an extra 33% off... SCORE!)
How I wish we were drinking buddies

I find it amusing that whomever programmed predictive text (T9) into our phones felt the need to impose some kind of digital morality upon the masses. They have gone so far as to select words that I don't think even exist. For example - "chubi". Ever heard this one? I haven't either. I'm thinking it's a bad misspelling of chubby? My phone thinks I'm more likely to text that mystery phrase than "bitch". There’s also “ducking”, “app”, “shiv” (although an improvised prison weapon is hardly a nicer notion than its cuss word counterpart) 

Words that are also not in my phone and continue to infuriate me are:

T-Minus 19 days 7 hours!

Monday, September 27

are you ready for some football?

Monday Night Football

Guy walks in...
Cowboy hat with sunglasses (indoors)...
sleeveless lime green shirt...
swim trunks...
and flip flops.

Aren't we in public?!?

I guess people don't care anymore.

Sunday, September 26

truly truly truly OUTRAGEOUS!

Howdy Ho! This weekend was fun filled, peppered with some disappointment. Yes, my beavers were on College Game day, and were beaten by the Smurf Turf players of #3 Boise State. We put up a valiant effort, but they were just too much for us. So now we start conference play 1-2. Boo

The awesome part of the weekend was the, like totally rad 80's party Mr. Man and I went to Friday night. There are no words really, just some awesome pictures.
Magnum P.I. with minimal chest hair
Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 23

raindrops keep falling on my head

There is something so soothing about rain. Rain, rain, keep pouring away. Is the first day of fall today, and its raining. I also found it funny that the first day after Labor Day, when school started here, it was raining. It makes me want to snuggle up in front of the fire (if we had one) and sip hot chocolate (don't mind if I do!). Its a great day to wear my awesome fall boots, that I look forward to wearing all summer long, while I lust for new pairs (I really "need" some brown ones). I love being snuggled up and listening to the rain.The sound of cars driving by in the rain. Whoosh!
Rain, rain, rain.

Tuesday, September 21

random shizz tuesday

HEY!!! Finally! Some Random Shizzz!
Serenity Now!! Insanity Later...

I'm going to Denver!
Ahhh, the sunshine state! Anyone? Dumb and Dumber? Anyone? No? Okay.
So excited! Just a random trip with my friend Denise. "Wanna go to Denver?" Ummm YEAH!! Should be fun times! She's got a lot of great ideas of what to do... National Parks... Sight Seeing... Random fun trips... And me? What do I want to do?
ohhhh snap. all those little red dots? pure heaven.
My Roommate's 11 year old daughter has been possessed by Satan. Literally. Sweet Jesus. She stomps and slams doors, screams, yells, stomps some more. seriously. And tonight's performance did not disappoint. Tonight... while Mr. Man and I were watching some How I Met Your Mother, she decided she didn't want to go to bed, and we were treated to nearly 45 minutes of pre-teen psychoticness. Tonight, she slammed her bedroom door, for the last time
please note there is no door knob in that door... she lost that weeks ago
I started a book club! Tomorrow is our second meeting. I'm very excited out it. I'm hoping to make friends some lovely ladies in my area who aren't married or have kids, like most of my friends now. Our first book was The Wednesday Sisters, but it wasn't that good. 
 Hoping the next one we pick is better. But either way its fun!! If you've never used MeetUp.Com you should check it out. Its really cool, and not a dating website, like it sounds like *wink* Its great for finding people who like to hike, or golf, or have start a book club, or whatever!!

Catch you on the flip side!!

Sunday, September 19

i'm a mazama mama!

Man just wants to be happy.
But society wants him to be good.
When he's good, he's rarely happy.
But when he's happy, he's always good.

Hey all! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
I just got back from central Oregon, where Mr. Man and I helped celebrate the Bend Distillery's grand opening. You know what that means? FREE BOOZE! We sort of have the "hook-up" too, cause his friend's mom's boyfriend owns the place. So we had quite a few samples after hours, and it was so much fun!! Basically if you love vodka, or gin, you should really try their stuff. Its so smooth and unbelievably delish!

And if you love spice, you gotta try the Mazama pepper infused vodka.
 OH. MY. GOD. Amazing. Great in Bloody Mary's or their specialty drink the Pina Mazama. Pineapple juice and Mazama pepper vodka. (Cathy, you should totally give this a try for a booze day!!)

I highly recommend you pick some up!

Mr. Man also participated in the single speed 5K bike race. He's such a cutie. Even covered in mud.
he finished in the top 5
king of the mountain!
oops! i crapped my pants

Thursday, September 16

Paulina Oregon, google that shit

we found a kitty.

we named her Bart.

do you know who her mommy is?

in the mean time...

i'm helping my cousin move.

to middle of nowhere.

no cell service. no internet connection.

beautiful country.

back soon.

miss you all!


Sunday, September 12

don't stop believin'

People mock my for my tapedeck. But the iPod is dead, charger is at home, no radio stations to be found, and the cds are in the garage from last weekend. JOURNEY, you're a lifesaver!!!

Friday, September 10

Wednesday, September 8

when beavers attack!!

Man, I'm a major fail at the last couple of Random Shit Tuesdays... And today's a wednesday and look at all these words!  But I really wanted to get out some stuff from this weekend, now that I'm a little more coherent and more energized.

Friday was super awesome, setting up camp and starting up our boozey weekend with a blast. A couple of my old friends came out for some CLC's (coors light cans) and some bonfire action.

Saturday we woke up and had a bit of a slow start (due  to the CLC's and BLC's). Luckily we didn't have a floating start time until noon-thirty. Once we got  all situated we headed to the boat ramp. Mr. Man met us down there in his kayak. The cooler was so full, we could barely put one seven pound bag of ice in there. There were nine of us on the Raft-Like-Boat, which by the way has a 700 pound capacity... whoops!! And after this weekend has earned its own "like" page on facebook.

Saturday was pretty much a huge success. We had so much fun on the river, some more than others. One friend literally couldn't get out of the water (slippery rocks and all) without help. Then refused to sit down, so it took three of us to push him into the chair. That was pretty hilarious. And he of course passed out 3 seconds later. And my Will Truman also had too much apple pie, so we played a little prank on him...

we called him whiskers for about an hour
But honestly our second float on Sunday had the best BEST story of the weekend was the beaver story. (Even better than when I was in the water, drunk, pulling the raft-like-boat along because the current was too slow, and Journey's "Dont Stop Believin' " came on the radio [water-proof shower radio, bitches!] and we all started singing along. Then I shouted "I think this one of the best moments of my life!!"  I know, right?!

Ok, back to The Beaver Story.

Floating along we saw a beaver swimming along about 20 yards off. Mr. Man was in the water for a pee-break when we spotted him. So Mr. Man decided to head on over to Old Man Beaver (that's his name now). Old Man Beaver was just chugging along going real slow.

His indian name is "Swims with Beavers"
Then Old Man beaver decided to make a left turn and started swimming right for us!! I shit you not. Closer. Closer. And closer still. We were all laughing and freaking out and then really freaking out once the beaver NEARLY FUCKING BOARDED US!! Like a foot away. I had images of him crawling aboard and causing mass carnage amongst we raft-like-boaters!! Old Man Beaver had to be blind, or deaf, or both, cause we were causing a hell of a ruckus. My roomie sort of "swooshed" him away with the oar, without hitting him in the face. He changed directions and swam ahead of us towards the other shore. Meanwhile Mr. Man is swimming after the beaver with a fucking oar!! I was freaking the fuck out. I was yelling, NO! PLEASE NO! DON'T CHASE THE BEAVER! Seriously. I was having issues. Everyone was laughing at me, cause I was freaking out. I mean, I wasn't really afraid of the beaver, I just didn't know if they're as aggressive as nutria, or rats, or whatever the fuck else is prone to attacking, biting, and giving people rabies.

So other than that, our trip was uneventful. Seriously LONG, and COLD but uneventful (we hadn't floated that trip before, so didn't know exactly how long it would take).

We had many, many, MANY awesome conversations over the weekend too, most of which I can't remember... but here's what I can remember (and yes, most of these will make no sense to those not actually involved in the conversation)

Oh, and did I mention that my friend Adri surprised me with a visit on Saturday night?! It was super awesome. And she brought an awesome present:
yeah, like we needed MORE booze. yup, we're drunks.

Monday, September 6

i have not labored once today

This weekend was so insane and awesome. I'm exhausted, bruised, sunburned, sore and hungover. It was amazingness. I've got some great tales to tell, but I'm just too tired to type any longer. Please enjoy some pics of our insanity, and stay tuned for more!! :)

The raft-like-boat!
I'm on a boat and... Its going fast and...

"Apple Pie"  
A fifth of Everclear
1 gallon apple cider
1 gallon apple juice
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
YUMMM! (and quite dangerous!)

I think you're supposed to be inside the kayak, honey

that's the way, uh huh, uh huh, i like it!

"SUMMER IS FUCKING OVER!" We were freezing our asses off right here.
turn right after SE 172nd Ave
And now... laundry awaits!!