Thursday, September 23

raindrops keep falling on my head

There is something so soothing about rain. Rain, rain, keep pouring away. Is the first day of fall today, and its raining. I also found it funny that the first day after Labor Day, when school started here, it was raining. It makes me want to snuggle up in front of the fire (if we had one) and sip hot chocolate (don't mind if I do!). Its a great day to wear my awesome fall boots, that I look forward to wearing all summer long, while I lust for new pairs (I really "need" some brown ones). I love being snuggled up and listening to the rain.The sound of cars driving by in the rain. Whoosh!
Rain, rain, rain.


Jeff said...

rain..rain..rain is a soothing bad in probably another 2 months I will be hearing slosh...slosh...slosh as the cars plow through the salt melted snow :-)

Lisa said...

I love rain, mostly when I can snuggle up at home with a cup of hot apple cider, a good book, and a fuzzy blankie. That said....there aren't many days I get to stay home *period*, and I'm not a fan of going out in it (or rather, my hair isn't. It gets HUGE).