Monday, February 28

ups and downs, highs and lows

Man am I ever tired of feeling like shit. Not physically, emotionally.

This weekend was fantastic. Just what the doctor ordered. Sunshine and snow and lots of good company. (See yesterday's post)

However today, I feel like crappola again. I received a call from my old job, the one I reapplied for, is passing on me. They didn't even tell me what their reasons are... just that they won't be taking back.  yay.

So I've had a bowl of ice cream and I'm sitting here wrapped in my blanket on the couch. I'm going to have a few beers later on with my friend.

I really had a good feeling about this one. I've had several people tell me that it wasn't meant to be, and that something else is coming up. Though its still hard to not feel like a loser. I just wish I knew why?

The good news is that I don't have to move. Although I was kind of looking forward to that. But I don't have to relocate, make new friends, go through that whole rigga-ma-role. And I don't have to deal with anything crazy with Mr. Man just yet (moving in together or moving across the country together or breaking up). Also I have several people interested in buying my car, so I'm hoping that will be taken care of soon. Who knows, maybe I'll have to live on that money while I continue to look for work.

Until then, I'm trying to be optimistic about the interview I had last Thursday...

Happy thoughts!

Sunday, February 27

yes, i'll take it!

fresh powder

champagne by the lake!

Mt. McLoughlin

Mr. Man and Myself ♥

Where's Waldo?!

Mush! Mush!! (I'm on a sled)


2 feet of new powder... sunshine... Gorgeous!!

Thursday, February 24

seriously, i just frolicked

No, seriously. Frolicking. And it was awesome!

Today was a good day. A great day!

Today I had an interview. Yup, you read that right. Three days ago I was bitching about not having any calls and BAM! Interview. Crazy huh? I was actually in the midst of typing that post when I received a phone call wanting to schedule a phone interview the following day. I finished my post and moved on, not really wanting to jinx anything. Which is also why I didn't tell you good folks about how that went well, and that I was scheduled for a face-to-face interview today. Again, didn't want to jinx anything.

So -- because of our minor snowpocalypse last night, I was worried about making it to the interview. I had to drive about an hour to get to the location. So to be safe, I left three hours early. Hey, they were talking about all kinds of traffic issues, so I didn't want to take any chances!! And sure enough... I was there 2 hours early. Zoinks! So I watched this week's Glee episode on my phone and sipped Starbucks as not to get overly amped up while I waited for my interview.

Long story long, it went really well. I should hear back in 7-10 days, when they're done interviewing. And that coffee helped out a lot. I seemed VERY excited and was VERY talkative. It was mostly nerves, but the caffeine helped a bit, I'm sure.

And we haven't been under a "snowmaggeddon" attack like the rest of the country recently, so today's snow was pretty much the first here to stick and last more than 10 minutes.


Tonight I frolicked! It was quiet and peaceful and the snow was fresh with no footprints, just begging for some frolicking. I actually skipped, and twirled around once or twice or 17 times. The cats and dog even joined me. I think they were mostly confused and wondering what the crap I was doing.

I took some pictures, although they just don't capture my ridiculous moment of pure joy.

Poor Murphy was very confused.
The kitties are fans of snow. Just not when its snowING
Mischief had just jumped out of that tree. Little maniac was frolicking too.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 22

tuesday tunes - gonna slap a bitch!!

Here's some Tuesday Tunes, just under the wire.

I was reading through my blogs today and came across one that really pissed me off. No, it wasn't a right-wing, pro-gun, "Sarah Palin for President" kind of post, which are the usual culprits of making my blood boil.

Someone, whom I normally get quite a kick out of reading, was talking about Avril Lavigne, and her new song. The post in general didn't make me mad, it was the video she posted, and the fact that she referred to Ms. Lavigne (which I pronounce as La-vigg-knee) as "punk rock".

Let me say, on behalf of punks everywhere:
Avril Lavigne is NOT PUNK ROCK. Not even a little bit. This angers all my best sentibilities. I'm not even going to get into the fact that she's not even "rock" and that she's a cupcake pop singer. Anyone who titles a song Sk8terBoi is not punk rock. I've gone to my fair share of punk shows, and love quite a few punk bands. And let me assure you, she is not, I repeat, NOT, PUNK ROCK.

Punk Rock.
Look! My hair is pink! I'm SOOOOOO punk!
Not to mention she looks like she has fangs. Seriously. What's going on with her teeth? Did she get those filed? I digress...
Is she a vampire or a werewolf?
Now the other reason I hated this post was that her new video is so beyond stupid. I refuse to post it here, but its called "What the Hell" or some shit. She just runs around like a little asshole, doing whatever she wants, wrecking a cab, flirting with guys, stealing clothes, even if it clearly upsets her boyfriend. What the hell!

That, and stupid lyrics and you get a song more poppy that anything Ms. Spears has ever put out. And to top it all off, there's at least 5 blatant product placements in the video, including her own clothing line and perfume. What is she, a Kardashian?


Leave the punk rocking to the real punks please. Real punks who take a stand, fight for a cause, get angry at the government and call for action.
Or selling T-Shirts to benefit a cause, as opposed to hawking your own stupid shit in your own stupid music video.
"Just because we can't change everything, doesn't mean we shouldn't try to change anything at all."
-Tim McIlrath, Rise Against

Now that's punk rock.

Warning, this video is not for the faint of heart. If you are an Avril Lavigne fan, you probably won't like it.

Monday, February 21

an update, some self-loathing and a little freaking out

My unemployment runs out in 3 weeks.

3 weeks!!

And I've been applying for jobs. Lots of jobs. Jobs I'm qualified to do. Jobs I'd be good at. Jobs I want to do..

In the mean time, I've gotten no calls. NONE.

So I'm really really really really starting to freak out. Like crying, hyperventilating, pacing, having-to-take-deep-breaths-and-drink-peppermint-tea-to-calm-the-fuck-down freaking out.

I'm starting to not spend any money and starting to sell my shit on line, just in case. I have no idea when more money will come in again. I will probably qualify for a "new" claim, but that will only be $150 a week, which honestly is pennies. And doesn't even cover my loan (which is co-signed by my mom and the only credit bill I'm current on), power bill and car insurance. This isn't counting cell phone, internet and heat.

So I'm starting to look for ANY kind of work. Like part-time, waitressing, whatthefuckever I can find. I applied at Staples as a cashier. I applied at Home Depot. I'm going to have to start showing up at coffee shops, restaurants and bars asking if they're hiring. Ugghhh. I hate to do that. They hate it when people do that. I have a college degree, and I can't find a job. Its so ridiculous!!! I feel like such a loser, loser, McLoser Pants.

As you know I re-applied for my old job. They called me last week to confirm that I was mobile. Of course I'm mobile! Yes!! A few days ago I emailed a current employee, who also quit and came back, about her experience. She said it took quite a while, from June to September, before she actually came back. I've also emailed old co-workers and supervisors to let them know I'm trying to come back. They all said they'd put a good word in for me. So it sounds like things sound like they're moving along, but slowly. And I still have to survive either way.

And to top it all off -- I had to replace my radiator this weekend. Luckily Mr. Man found one online for only $75 and installed it for me. SCORE! But, while he was "in there" he heard and saw some stuff that needs to be addressed soon. Like, will have to take-the-entire-motor-out to fix it, problem. And should-have-been-done-yesterday urgent. Great. I asked him if it would be worth it to fix it, or just sell my car and not have to deal with it. He said it'd probably be best to sell it. *sigh*

Well that's it. Life is pretty shitty now.

So today, I'm going to get a pedicure, a gift from Mr. Man for VDay. Then wash my car, and take some pictures to put it up on Craigslist. And finally, read my book club book (two days to finish) in the sunshine! Its actually sunny today. 45 degrees, but still sunny! I'm hoping a dose of vitamin D will make me feel better and perk up my spirits.

Happy thoughts!

Wednesday, February 16

i hate you walmart... a poem

Oh, how I hate you walmart.
I hate your stupid parking lot, and how it takes 47 minutes to get out of it.
I hate your white trash customers.
I hate that I always see someone from high school when I go inside.
I hate those fat people who use those scooters. I see fatter people on Biggest Loser working out. Don't you think you could walk around to pick up your Doritos and chocolate milk?
I hate that those fatties on scooters are like people with strollers, they ignore you, and cut you off, and nearly run you over every time.
I hate that you've put patio furniture and barbecues out in February.
I hate how your self check out YELLS AT ME. Are all your customers hard of hearing?!
I hate that most of your staff are giant assholes. Or idiots. Or both.
I hate that everything they carry contains high fructose corn syrup. Really? In my mustard? Really? Not necessary, thanks.
I hate that you are the only store in town for me to buy laundry detergent.
I hate that they tore down the drive-in theater to build that monstrosity of a store.
I miss the drive-in.

Tuesday, February 15

Random Shit Tuesday -- in pictures

Serenity Now!! Insanity Later...

For lack of anything interesting to say, I'm going to send you the last few pictures in my phone. Random enough, right?!

 New hiking boots! I LOOOOOOOOOVE them!
Seriously, don't they look like something you'd wear while hiking the Swiss Alps?
With a walking stick? And a feather in your cap? And a stripey scarf?
While drinking some hot chocolate?!

 Tried some of the new Trader Joe's beers. Not too bad.
I liked this one best, Simple Times. Light and crisp, but still quite tastey.
Not hoppy at all, I'd give it 3.5 stars.

 SOMEONE wouldn't leave me alone when I was trying to do some yoga. 
SOMEONE got hair all over my yoga mat. 
SOMEONE kept doing figure 8's between my feet when I was doing warrior pose
SOMEONE nearly caused me to fall on several occasions. 
Its a good thing that SOMEONE is cute.

 This was my Valentine's Day present to Mr. Man. 
Its the "Man Bouquet" and I think its awesome. 
I think it was sufficiently embarrassing when I dropped it off at his work,
and the receptionist had to deliver it to his desk. :)

This was the amount of hair in my KITCHEN and the hallway. 
Not even the hair in the living room, bedroom or bathroom. 
2 cats and a dog... I need to teach them to sweep up after themselves.

Tuesday, February 8


Wooooo! I love awards! Although this thank you TWO WEEKS LATE (I Suck!) its still genuine. THANK YOU!!! I got this little goodie from The Tame One @ Thoughts of an Oxymoron.

I'm going to try not to judge too much regarding the title of this award, as I have SERIOUS issues with the term/phrase "LOL" so I'll just move quickly past that.

I'm really awful at coming up with NEW "things you don't know about me", and honestly the main reason I'm doing this is because I love getting the chance to bestow awards on my favorite bloggers, and exposing the rest of you on some hidden blogosphere jems. Shit, every time I see someone doing this I read every single one of the new bloggers and check them out! So I hope you do too.

Onward! So, 7 things about me...
  1. I HATE NICKELBACK!! Freaking pseudo-hard-rock! Awful. Pitiful. Painful. Just say no!!
  2. I tell everyone that I hate Valentine's day, but really, I'm a hopeless romantic. I would love it if Mr. Man brought me flowers and chocolates for the VD. Or read me a poem. Or even made me a mix tape! *gush*
  3. I love love spicy food. Hotter the better. I guess that isn't very interesting, but maybe you didn't know it. Jalapenos, FOR THE WIN!
  4. I never dream when I sleep. Almost ever. On the rare occasion when I do, it inevitably is one of those dreams where my teeth are falling out (a symbol of powerlessness), or I'm trying to get away from something and running in slow motion (feeling helpless, lack of full control). Paging Dr. Freud!!
  5. I've been in a german beer ad. THREE TIMES. Its kind of a long story, but basically when I was studying abroad, my friends and I were at a "Beer Tapping" ceremony and someone took a picture of us. It ended up in the brewery's annual calendar the following year. (Awesome!) Then the same picture ran in another ad for the brewery during the European Cup. (Sah-weet!) And finally the next year there was a freaking billboard in the center of town, again with the same picture! Luckily a friend was still in town and sent us all a calendar, and I was in town visiting friends the year the magazine ad came out. I totally never saw the billboard, but someone took a picture and tagged me on facebook. So crazy and awesome, but to this day, I still have received no beer as compensation for the use of my likeness. DAMMIT!!
  6. This is the magazine ad -- I'm second from the left (obvs)
  7. I love to eat my bananas green. None of that brown and bruised shit.
  8. My favorite scent and flower in the whole wide world is lavender. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I have like a gagillion post cards of lavender fields from when I was in france. I so love the smell and look of dried bouquets too. I have a ton of lotion and soap too. Its always gotta be lavender. BUT -- not that fake lavender smell. Its gotta be authentic lavender or no dice.
And now 7 awesome homies that I will bestow this amazing honor upon.  A few of these are new (to me) blogs that I've been enjoying reading, and you should too. Here ya go! Now go to their blogs immediately!!
  1. Brandon and Bryan over @ A Beer for the Shower They are my beer soul mates.
  2. Smooches @ Cruel Smooches, who shares her hilarious exploits in online dating
  3. Erin @ Musings of a Mad Woman, seriously insane and funny shit there
  4. Bird Shit and Baby Caca (I swear, those are their names!) @ The Two Twins
  5. Man-Shopper @ Man Shopping in Paris You wouldn't believe how funny dating in a foreign language can be!
  6. Kaleena @ Just Add Kaleena Super smart, sweet and funny gal.
  7. Denise @ Blah Blah Blah, cause she just had her first hickey since HIGH SCHOOL!
Thanks again!! And happy reading!

    Sunday, February 6

    Super Bowl Sunday

    Salsa? Check! Guacamole? Check! Buffalo Wings? Check!



    yeah... thats my 19" tv in the corner :) Projector... For the win!!

    Hope you all have a great, fun day! And... Go Packers!!


    Friday, February 4

    we put birds on things!

    Seriously, seriously, seriously.

    If you like quirkey, dry, witty and seriously funny tv (think Flight of the Conchords) you MUST watch Portlandia.

    Its insane and hilarious! I just watched the first 2 episodes OnDemand and loved it. I live in Oregon, about another hour from Portland, and I gotta say, this show is DEAD ON! Filmed in Portland, they basically poke fun at the ultra laid back, granola, everything organic, let's go green, mild-inferiority-complex-to-Seattle lifestyle, that is Portland.

    Check out this video (which is literally the first 3 minutes of the show).

    Its on IFC, Fridays @ 10:30. Bicycle Rights!! Go Vegan!!

    Wednesday, February 2

    RomCom movie review blog swap!

    ALOHA Chickadees! Some friends and I got together and did a movie review blog swap. This month we reviewed RomCom's... in all their sappy glory. My buddy Rio from over at Good Music Bad Math  has done a amazing job with a little gem you may have seen, The Ugly Truth. Enjoy!

    You can check out my review of Fool's Gold here.

    Hey everyone it’s me, Andres Rio, but I mostly go by Rio. I am just your regular nerdy dude, thinking about chicks while he solves differential equations and listens to music. This is my review for our movie blog swap.

    For this month’s movie review, the theme was appropriately chosen to be bad romantic comedies. Being of the male gender, and not at all too familiar with the genre, I decided to just Wikipedia it and see what I got. Now reading through the Romantic Comedy article (also labeled as the ‘chick flick’ one), I saw “Knocked Up”, which led me to a “click” on that link. I had already seen it but I thought maybe I would find something else to satisfy my curiosity. Aha, so I had found another related movie, “The Ugly Truth”.

    This movie can be summed up in a word: awkward. Not an awkward funny, like realizing how much better looking you are than that ex’s current boyfriend.  It’s not even an embarrassing awkward, like nearly hitting your next door neighbor while making out in your car (don’t kiss and drive kids). Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler bring you a fresh mix of uncomfortable feelings and squirming around, while you hold on to your remote to remind yourself that you can change the channel at anytime.

    First off was the acting. I have a lot of respect for Gerard Butler, because the man was in 300 AND The Phantom of the Opera. I mean, he should practically slap a “Try Type-Casting This Shit” sticker on his face. Both of his performances in those movies were great, and he showed off the different skills that an actor must have to genuinely present a variety of characters. Check it out:

    A living war machine…
    A stalker with a great singing voice and screwed up face
    Yet his performance of bitter man/controversial relationship commentator Mike Chadway left my mind boggled. I was distracted from half his lines due to the fact that he was maneuvering his face in weird contortions. I assume that this was to help him speak in an “American” accent, and not in his native Scottish one. Why anyone would try to hide a Scottish accent is beyond me, but I wasn’t the screenwriter so I will stay silent on that topic. Mike’s behavior throughout the movie was erratic and confusing though. This guy goes from insulting and arrogant to generous and caring to whiny and devastated. Maybe the director wanted to show how his relationship to Heigl’s character brought out his true feelings? If so, man, great idea, horrible execution. I know I am supposed to be cheering on Gerard’s character so he can end up with the girl but damn, turns out Mike is a whiny bitch that is given up on love…Katherine do you really want that in your bed and in your life?

    Speaking of Mrs. Heigl, I just have to say, “Not again” and shake my head. Listen, Katherine, you are awesome looking, and you seem like a really nice person with a great personality. I would probably take you out to dinner, and then let you meet mom and dad, maybe talk about having a three-some with one of your girlfriends…what? Well, my point is that even though you are this “nice girl” actress, I can’t help but think you are consistently portrayed as the epitome of the annoying woman, complete with extreme naïveté, clumsiness, and an ability to criticize everything and everyone around you. Let’s look at Knocked Up. You meet Seth Rogan, get preggers, and fall in love with him, albeit with various misadventures and realizations that you can’t force love or who you fall in love with. Great! And now you are in this movie, where you meet Gerard Butler, have to deal with his shenanigans on your morning show, and fall in love with him, albeit with even more ridiculous misadventures (like the one involving panties with a built-in vibrator), where you learn, yet again, you can’t force love or who you fall in love with. Let’s take a moment and sigh. Where are you going wrong Katherine? Aren’t you an actress, a person who brings to life characters from a script? Whatever happened to doing an action film, a (real) comedy, a horror movie even?? All I’m saying is, if I can copy and paste your performance from a previous movie to the one I’m watching and it still fits, there is something wrong here.

    Now, let’s talk about storyline. In simple terms, its girl meets boy, girl hates boy, boy thinks girl is stupid, and then through experiences shared with one another they find out they were in love the whole time! Well by golly, isn’t that a dandy? But here is the problem…did this movie just paint a very ugly picture of both sexes to achieve this plot outcome? For men, it’s that in reality either we are easily manipulated or deceived, like Heigl’s character’s boyfriend, or that we are huge dicks that were just hurt by those scheming women in our lives, Butler’s character in this case. On the women’s side, the main character has a list of “10 Characteristics” that her dream man must have. Excuse me…do all women find love as if they were finding a purse or a pair of shoes? If that’s the case I should walk around with a neon sign that says “I HAVE AN ELEVATED IQ, HAVE NO HISTORY OF TERMINAL DISEASES, AND I CAN DANCE”, maybe that will make girls jump on me to make behbehs. Just saying.

    I don’t think I have an inherent distaste for rom-coms, I just want to believe what I am seeing. Now, a movie about love and finding love doesn’t always have to buy into extreme generalizations. Maybe, just listen to me for a second, our personalities are our own AND we can find someone that can live with that. That’s not settling for someone, that’s called acceptance of who they are. This movie was like trying to eat bullshit sauce for however many minutes this film lasted. Not to mention there were scenes that made me wonder out loud if there were supposed to be funny at all. I guess I don’t find Katherine Heigl fake-blowing someone at a ball park amusing, but maybe there are people that do. I would like a Katherine Heigl real blowjob, so I really hope this whole “blogging” thing works out. :P

    On a parting note, I must say at least something about the movie’s soundtrack (music blogging will do that for you). Overall, there is a nice mix of artists ranging in styles and popularity, from Katy Perry to Los Pinguos. One song to definitely look up and nab for your library is El Gitano del Amor by the Latin Soul Syndicate, which is an excellent jazzy salsa mixture for your earbuds to enjoy. So, if anything, get the soundtrack and listen up, and watch the movie when you are several shots deep. 

    I think Rio knocked it out of the park with this one. Now go check out his blog! GO! GO! GO!