Monday, November 29

its just another metal monday

God Bless you VH1 Classic, and all your amazingness. Seriously. Where else do you get Metal Mania at 8:22 in the morning, and get to watch these beauties. Its a great way to start the day, I say.

Dude, Kip Winger is a little hottie. I bet he got a lot of ladies back in the day. I totally googled him and came up with this:
There's something about long locks an absurd amount of stomach hair that really do it for me. Moving on...

And honestly VH1, I love all these songs and bands, but I think quite a few of these bands don't really qualify as "metal".

Peace, Love and Long 80's Hair,

Sunday, November 28

wrong in all the right ways


I finally, FINALLY FINALLY all moved in! And I finally have internet! I'm sure you've all been there. Having moved in, but pacing the floor patiently waiting for the comcast guy to come, to get the internet and cable tv all set up. This must be what a heroin addict feels like, needing a fix. GIMME MY FIX CABLE MAN!!

Whew. The hard part is over now.

So I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend. We had a big family dinner which is always interesting. Laughing, talking, lots of drama, whispering in one room, filling wine glasses in the next. Ohhhhh family. Isn't passive aggressiveness FUN!?! We took it fairly easy on the wine this year (as opposed to last Christmas when we drank 23 bottles of wine and there were 14 guests, two of whom were children and didn't drink and two were DD's and didn't drink... you do the math! WHOOP!) We did however have a turkey, a ham, elk roast and ANOTHER turkey. Seriously. We were worried about not having any leftovers. WRONG. Oh and not to mention the 15 pounds of mashed potatoes and SEVEN pies. We didn't even touch 2 of them. Ahhh!

On to other news, I now live with two kitties. The cutest kitties I have ever seen. Not so much that they are fluffy and adorable, but that they're INSANE and CRAZY and I love that about them. They are so entertaining :) I've re-named them (because I have no idea what they're names were before) Mischief and Mayhem. And boy do they live up to their names. I have video of Mischief chasing his tail in a tupperware tub. Too funny. But the best part is my mouser Mayhem. He's taken to playing in the bathtub. He likes to play with his fake mousies in the tub, flipping them up and around and pouncing on them. I think he likes that the shower curtain keeps them contained.

So anywhoodle... Cut to Saturday morning... 6:30 am...

*thump thump*
*thud thud*

Sure enough. Mayhem. In the tub. With an actual dead mouse. Throwing it into the air, and attacking it. Kinda gross and kinda awesome at the same time. I let him play with it for another 30 minutes before I disposed of it. With tongs. LONG ass tongs.

But to THIS morning. 3:30 in the freaking am.
*thump thump*
*thump* squeeeeeeeek!!
*thud thud*

what they do, when i'm not home
Oh yeah. You guessed it. A LIVE mouse. Fucking alive, in my bathtub. Holy crap. I tried to get him to kill it. Meanwhile the other cat kept trying to worm in, and Mischief would grooooooooowl at him. Too funny. And again, kinda gross. I really felt bad for that poor mouse. Panting and panting. Kinda giving up on life, and yet still fighting. I don't have the heart to kill it. So I got my "mouse tongs" which have been officially repourposed and will never again touch food, and remove said victim and take it outside to the burning barrel. Hopefully he died quickly, cause I know there was no hope for the poor little guy.

And thus I leave you. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! And hopefully I'll be around a little more again! Love you all!

And here's a special shout out to Dr. Monkey VonMonkerstein, whom I totally forgot to invite to my pretend blog party. OF COURSE you'd be invited!! I'm sorry I was in a rush when addressing my pretend invitations. I just assumed you'd get the invite on facebook ;D

Tuesday, November 23

THE drinking rules, part deux

Some of you may remember a post I did a few months back of THE Drinking Rules

Well a friend of mine passed along a great blog called American Drink in which they posted a similar such post. So good it bared repeating. Here you go!

Rules for My Born Son. And You.      by insooutso

1) Be polite and smile your brains out, but let the bartender flirt first. Always provide a number, never ask for one.

2) Decide what you will order on the drive to the bar. Eye contact is key, never wave money to get attention.

3) Vodka and Coke? That better be a joke.

4) If a song is longer than five minutes, save it for the black lights and the basement. If the song is Meatloaf, congrats on your gender reassignment surgery. Your mother and I still love you just the same.

5) Buy someone a drink because you want to drink with that person. It’s a sign of respect and enjoyment. Never do it for the sake of reciprocation and never expect something in return.

6) “Sorry, I was drunk,” is never an excuse. Ever.

7) Never get to the point of throwing up. If it accidentally happens, it better be in the bar bathroom. If you’re in the bathroom, always in the toilet - never in the sink or urinal. If there is mess in any way, shape or form, grab a mop. It is nobody’s job to clean up your bodily fluids. Did your friend throw up? Someone in your party is responsible for clean-up.

8) Friends can talk friends out of driving when they shouldn’t. Real friends listen. 
Reoccurring problem? Reevaluate your friendship.

9) Blended drink? You better have sand between your toes, mister.

10) A proper White Russian is made at home. Never trust bar dairy.

11) There is no shame in getting punched if you are conspicuously trying to break up a fight. Fight between two women? Tread lightly, your role could get misconstrued. Additionally, it would be wise to head to another establishment.

12) Never bet on pool.

13) Did they turn up the lights? Go home. Don’t offer to help stock or clean; it looks desperate and you are probably getting in the way.

14) No politics. No religion.

15) It is safer to lick a urinal cake than it is to eat bar-top snack mix.

16) Always know the ingredients. Shots have many different names and chances are that the bartender doesn’t know what it is outside of the normal realm of shots (Bend Me Overs, Red Snappers, et al). If you give him/her the ingredients, there is a strong chance that they even know how to portion it correctly based off of the ingredients chosen. Lots of mixers? You better be ordering a round for the table and not an individual shot.

17) Never drop a drink into a drink. Never light anything on fire. Never slam your shot glass on the bar.

18) Alcohol doesn’t do certain things to certain people. If somebody claims that tequila makes them violent, it’s because they’re a violent person. Simple as that.

19) Make your own toasts. Sentimentality is good. Honesty is good. Poignant is good. Repeating what somebody else said is a quote, not a toast.

20) Compared to life, loss or lock down, cabs are virtually free

Totally great advice!! I love it!


Monday, November 22


Waaaaay too late to be polite... here's a list of questions and answers from the New German Girl (P.S. I love her, if you haven't read her, you must must MUST!)

1. If you could give your readers one piece of advice, what would it be?
 Write for yourself. You're never going to make everyone happy. I started my blog to keep friends and family posted on my life, without having to send out mass emails. Obviously its evolved a bit since then, but I still write for myself. Post as often as I like, about things that I like. Its the best way you'll stick with it, and honestly earn more readers because you're being who you really are as opposed to being a phoney boloney.

2. Name the three things that you love the most about your life.
--I love getting paid to do nothing (ahhhhhh the beauty of unemployment insurance)
--I know someone everywhere. Having lived around the country, I can find someone to get a beer with, or crash on their couch, in nearly every state!
--I have good looks AND personality. Whoop!!

3. If you could switch places with any one of your friends or family members for one day, who would you choose and why?
I honestly like my life as is (most days) and wouldn't switch my life with anyone's! Cheesey? Who cares! :)

4. What is one trend that you wish didn’t exist or that had never caught on?
 I can only pick one?! Today, I'd say jeggings. I'm sorry. Wear skinny jeans. Wear leggings. Jeggings are just hybrid idiot looking pants.

5. Name three inventions you consider to be ingenious.
fermentation (beer... DUH!)
the internet (Thanks Al Gore!!)

6. At your funeral, you want people to remember you as…
 Fun loving, caring and loyal. I have no spouse or children, so my brother gets my life insurance, and the instructions are to have a giant party, in my honor. Wake style. Lots of booze, food, music, telling awesome Anne stories.

7. If you could be famous, what would you like to be famous for and what celebrities would be in your posse?
Being Awesome.
The cast of How I Met Your Mother and Betty White. That's how we roll.

8. If you were going to host a blogger house party which bloggers would you invite and what would go down?
Well most house parties I have include Beer Pong (we play the Beruit Version) and Guitar Hero. My guest list would include:
Heather @ Boyfriend Challenged
Jon @ 1000 Tiny Things I Hate
All the Guys @ American Drink
Ashley @ One Crazy Brunette Chick
Sofia @ The Brewery
The Faux Trixie @ The Faux Trixie

Sunday, November 21

Things you don't need to take a picture of

I'm guilty of 4 of 7 of these. But I'm not going to tell you which ones.

Friday, November 19

Dear Shitty Friend,

Remember when you promised those football tickets to me? Remember when we sat around the campfire making plans about how much fun it will be? Remember when I asked if I could pay you at the game, and you said "Yes"? Clearly you do not remember. I would like to thank you for forgetting all common decency when you sold my tickets to someone else. I would like to thank you for "needing the money" so badly that you didn't even bother to ask me for it. What's that? I was out of the state? Hey, guess what, I have a fucking cell phone. Oh, you needed the money so badly, you couldn't even give me a heads up that the tickets, may in fact, be sold to another? Well, thank you dear friend. Thank you for being a douche and selling them to someone else. Thank you for no making it so that I have not seen one damn game this year in person. Thank you, shitty, shitty friend.


Thursday, November 18


One of these days I'm going to realize the value of watching a concert from the balcony and coming home without two days of ringing ears. One of these days I'm going to realize I'm too old to go charging across the pit and fight my way through the crush to set up shop at the rail, four feet from the band. Yesterday was not that day. 

I love you Bad Religion. Thanks again for another great show! (and thanks to Ben for the great quote above, stolen from his facebook page, hahaa!)

These guys may be nearly 40, but they still know how to rock

 Photobooth at a bar after the show? 

Friday, November 12

I'm so honored!!

Wow and wow!!
I'm a featured blogger!!!!

All I can say, is thanks to Studio 30 Plus for choosing me as "Blogger of the Week"!!!!!!!!

I'll do my best to keep-on-keepin-on for everybody!

And thanks for everyone else who dilligently reads my randomeness, along with anyone else who finds me along the way. I'm so humbled. And speechless. I must have a beer now.

Cheers!! :)

Thursday, November 11

I said, "GOOD DAY SIR!!"

Hold on to your butts, this is a good one.

So last year, Budweiser came out with an AMAZING product. Yes, that's right, "fan cans."
me and all my Bud Light Beaver Can awesomeness
Yes, this was the best invention of my entire life. Seriously.


This year,  Budweiser has decided to "not make" this can for fans. Or this is what I was told. I think its brilliant, amazing, and the awesomest thing ever. HOWEVER, after searching diligently for weeks, nay months, I have not found any. Something about encouraging "binge drinking" was what I read on the Internet.


My roomie hears that a store in town is selling "fan cans" so I immediately drive there. Oh no. Yeah, that's right. Oregon cans. ALL OREGON CANS. Fucking GREEN AND YELLOW cans of pure BULLSHIT. No Oregon State, black and orange beautifulness. Whores. It was all I could do to not freak out on the poor clerk at the store. She told me that "Budweiser has chosen not to support Oregon State. They only support University of Oregon."

Um.......... excuse me?!?!?!?!?!?!

I stomped out of that store so fast.

Now, please keep in mind, I am a DIE HARD Bud Light drinker. For the last 12 years!! And now... I have vowed to FIND ANOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking Fucker. I'll show you "not supporting" my team.

Commence "taste test 2010"!!!!!

FUCK YOU BUD LIGHT!! I don't need you!!!!!  I'll find another!!!!!!!!!

The winners!!!!!!!!!! Kinda mad that Bud and Bud Light are in the running.... but what ever.....

 The losers!!!!!!!!

Lesson Learned: Almost EVERY SINGLE BEER tasted exactly the same as all the other beers. Seriously. Except for the losers. I swear!!!!!!! I could drink anything from our starting batch and never complain.

Please note that
Bud Light
Coors Light
Busch Light
Miller Light
Keystone Light


And I know my beers. And I know my football.
Oh well. It was super fun anyway! :)

And I'll be composing a STRONGLY worded letter to my local Budweiser distributor about my anger. I will be petitioning them. And telling them about their LOSS as a great customer!! I'll keep you updated!!

With love, and GO BEAVERS

Tuesday, November 2

ohhhh happy day!

Egg Nog Lattes are here!! Yipeee!
Oh-- and those stupid election commercials are over... Tonight!! Thank goodness!!

Monday, November 1

my dear bloggy friends

Hello to everyone still actually reading my bloggaroo.

I swear I haven't forgotten you. I've just been SO BUSY these last few weeks, I feel like I'm running around with my head cut off. I'll probably be pretty absent for another 2 or 3.

In a nut shell, my aunt passed away (thanks to all of you who wished me well, it means a lot). Besides that we have her house to go through and clean out. The really sucky part is that my grandparents built it in the 40's, one of my aunt's moved back in 2000, who passed away 7 years ago, when this aunt moved in. Well, when grandma passed away,  nobody went through the house. So now, essentially there's 3 people worth of stuff to go through. 80% of it is just pure garbage that for one reason or another my grandma never got rid of. And my aunt who just recently passed, hasn't bought or used any cleaning products since my grandma died. So its messy, dirty, smelly (my aunt's dogs were apparently never taught how to use the dog door) and cluttered. If we're friends on facebook you may have seen this post:

4 waffle irons, 3 electric skillets, 2 blenders, one blender bottom with no pitcher, 6 pots with no lids, 9 lids with no pots, 5 ice cream scoopers, and 5 different sets of silverware. But funny, all the tupperware (and I mean OLD SKOOL tupperware) all have matching lids, no extras. Weird.

And that's just the kitchen. You get the idea.

So I've been busy. And being the only unemployed person in the ranks, have gotten the messy task of sorting and cleaning. Its all okay though, I really don't mind, its for the family, and my parents do technically own the house now, so its for them too. Its just really exhausting.

Yesterday, Halloween, I took the day off just for my own sanity. The weekend was filled with the memorial, more cleaning, and lots of family time. Some people picked up their "stuff" from the house, and some just set it aside, needing  to get their pickups.

SO. This week will be filled with more of the same. NEXT weekend will be the Estate Sale, all proceeds going towards NEW CARPETS, so when I move in (wheeeeee) it won't reek. I'm excited and surviving, but just wanted to stop by and let everyone know I hadn't forgotten any of you.

Love you bunches my friends,

And happy November!! :)