Thursday, November 11

I said, "GOOD DAY SIR!!"

Hold on to your butts, this is a good one.

So last year, Budweiser came out with an AMAZING product. Yes, that's right, "fan cans."
me and all my Bud Light Beaver Can awesomeness
Yes, this was the best invention of my entire life. Seriously.


This year,  Budweiser has decided to "not make" this can for fans. Or this is what I was told. I think its brilliant, amazing, and the awesomest thing ever. HOWEVER, after searching diligently for weeks, nay months, I have not found any. Something about encouraging "binge drinking" was what I read on the Internet.


My roomie hears that a store in town is selling "fan cans" so I immediately drive there. Oh no. Yeah, that's right. Oregon cans. ALL OREGON CANS. Fucking GREEN AND YELLOW cans of pure BULLSHIT. No Oregon State, black and orange beautifulness. Whores. It was all I could do to not freak out on the poor clerk at the store. She told me that "Budweiser has chosen not to support Oregon State. They only support University of Oregon."

Um.......... excuse me?!?!?!?!?!?!

I stomped out of that store so fast.

Now, please keep in mind, I am a DIE HARD Bud Light drinker. For the last 12 years!! And now... I have vowed to FIND ANOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking Fucker. I'll show you "not supporting" my team.

Commence "taste test 2010"!!!!!

FUCK YOU BUD LIGHT!! I don't need you!!!!!  I'll find another!!!!!!!!!

The winners!!!!!!!!!! Kinda mad that Bud and Bud Light are in the running.... but what ever.....

 The losers!!!!!!!!

Lesson Learned: Almost EVERY SINGLE BEER tasted exactly the same as all the other beers. Seriously. Except for the losers. I swear!!!!!!! I could drink anything from our starting batch and never complain.

Please note that
Bud Light
Coors Light
Busch Light
Miller Light
Keystone Light


And I know my beers. And I know my football.
Oh well. It was super fun anyway! :)

And I'll be composing a STRONGLY worded letter to my local Budweiser distributor about my anger. I will be petitioning them. And telling them about their LOSS as a great customer!! I'll keep you updated!!

With love, and GO BEAVERS


Lisa said...

I believe I'll join you in hating Oregon this year (I'm an Auburn alumna)! Also, since you know beer so well and I'm just starting to drink it (much to my husband's joy), a question:

Right now, pretty much all I can manage to drink is bud light lime (I know, I know...gotta start somewhere). When we go on our yearly vacation, all they serve is Red Stripe/R.S. Light. Is Red Stripe light similar at all to BL? I don't expect the lime part...just curiosity!

denise said...

Glad the tasting went well :) Isn't it amazing how prejudices in beer change the taste when you KNOW what you are drinking?

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

PBR!!!!!!!!! I am too cheap to splurge on the expensive beers so I drink good ole PBR, they also make it in girlie light-my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I will not drink RR anymore since A&B bought them and now brew it in NJ. RR needs to be brewed from mountain spring water found in the Laural Highlands...not processed water from Staten Island :-)

Anonymous said...

This Boilermaker loves her Stella. Its pricey but delicious. Swear.

Ed said...

That's why I drink imports.

Try a Corona, Hienekin, or Becks.

Then put it in a team coozy.

Yep, I'm a problem solver.

Cathy said...

Light beers do all taste the same, I know this, but I still remain loyal to Miller Light. Will not drink Bud Light. Ever. I am super excited that you did a taste test though! I bet it was a fun night!

MrsCaptKerk said...

Blech! Don't listen to that guy, Corona is NAAAASTY!

I'm a Leine girl myself! MMmmMMMM!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to sneak into your house with an Orange Sharpie and color all your beer cans.