Monday, October 31


Happy Day! Now if only I can find my copy of Hocus Pocus...

Wednesday, October 19

There's an app for that!

Yes! I'm alive! Yet again!
I'll keep the apologies short, just I'm doing my best to be back. Honestly guilt kept me away. The longer I didn't post, the more I felt pressure for the post to be AWESOME, and then again, the longer I didn't post. You get the idea. Anywhoodle. Here's a quick update on whats been shakin (Its Random Shit Tuesday, without the logo!!)

I got an iPhone! WOO! I've now become one of those douche bags who says "There IS an app for that!" *smacks forehead with palm* I love it though, and I hope it helps me blog MORE! And guilt free!

Things at L'Restaurant are going great! I have FINALLY started serving and managing. WOO! Actually the managing happened first. Gotta be grateful for knee surgeries (the evening manager was out for 2 weeks, and I got to step in!) He's doing great now, but I've been trained and step in when my owner wants to head out of town, to their super not-so-top-secret Condo in Vegas. I keep encouraging them to leave. Is that wrong?

Mr Man has moved in!! Woahhhhhh, big grown up steps here, huh? Things are going great, and we're almost done unpacking. He has a LOT of shit. Who knew men had so much shit. Pack-rat might be the right term. Lots and lots of stuff. I had a mini panic attack when it was all sitting in my livingroom and I couldn't even see the tv. We're doing great though, well, all except for the cats. My boys and his lady kitty aren't having such an easy cohabitation. There's a lot of closing of doors, and rotating of who's out and who's in. Baby steps, right? Jackie essentially chases them out, being the boss lady that she is, and they just want to go back outside, because they're very emotional, and non-confrontational. *sigh*

I'm going to Florida! My cousin is turning 40 next month, and her BF's family has a place in Key West. I'm so excited for Thanksgiving in the Keys! I've been madly pouring through guide books and watching back episodes of Samantha Brown's great weekends. I'm such a dork! I'm madly trying to lose some weight, like 10 pounds, just so I don't look like a giant whale in my pics!! We'll be flying back ON Thanksgiving day since the plane tickets were about $300 cheaper that way. Hopefully we'll be hurricane free!!

Alright my lovies, I promise to see you soon! And thanks for sticking around! :)