Wednesday, October 28

cast be gone!

Oh heavens to Betsy, I feel so behind.

First off - let me say this - THE CAST BE GONE!! WOOOOoooO! I type this to you using all ten fingers (more or less). My finger is still broken, but the doctor is now letting me practice moving it around, which the instruction of "if it hurts, dont do it." Wow, I'm so glad I have you and your $100,000 education around to tell me the obvious.

After one day of movement, here's what we've got so far:

MY FIST! Hhahahaa. Well making a fist is the finished result, but I think this isn't too shabby. Getting some finger bending. Most of the time, it doesnt hurt, it just literally won't bend. Too stiff. Which is why Mr. MD wanted me to start moving it. Joints like to freeze up if you dont move them and keep them internally lubed up (so to speak).

Um, what else? Weekends have been pretty low key cause im running out of cash. Still no unemployment money to speak of YET, but I got a call today, and wheels are in motion. Lowe's has until Monday to dispute my discharge, which they won't. Then they can finally cut me a check. Yipee!! Then I will "officially" be on unemployment, after 4 glorious weeks.

Honestly, the leather arm chair is starting to get a permanent Anne shaped ass print. However I did finally today, sans cast, go for a run. A half-hearted jog/walk combo, but still fresh air and exercise nontheless.

Well its 4pm, and Law and ORder is finally on. Woo!! Perhaps some pumpkin carving tonight =)

Monday, October 19

Saturday, October 17

drunk texts

FWD: Im trying babby. In drunken fcunk.

After many generous, and usually unsolicited texts from some of my friends, I've decided to start a section called "drunk texts"

We've all had them, and they're usually pretty awesome.

I know I've woken up hungover a few times in my day and scrolled through my outbox hoping to God to not find something utterly embarrassing.


Wednesday, October 14

seattle's best 2; combover's revenge

This last weekend I voyaged on up north to Seattle for a wedding. I had a great time with my new beau Shaun and met lots of his friends. The wedding (an old childhood friend of his) was at getting hitched at this great little place right on the water, ceremony and reception at the same place. Breakfast/Brunch buffet was there and was delish! And.. what every wedding must have, OPEN BAR.

Here, I have chronicled my thoughts and musings from the celebration.
  • When exchanging vows, please, HOLD HANDS!
  • Father of the bride was rocking the most awesome comb over ever! I mean, guys, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE FOOLING?!? *sigh* Not at my wedding. We'll be checking for that at the door.
  • When allowed to wander my mind can be a hilarious thing. "... in the name of the Father, of The Son, and of the Holy Spigot--er-Spirit." Thanks Monty Python.
  • Wedding DJ's, please never play Queen's "We Will Rock You." First of all you can't dance to it. And secondly, what does that even mean? At a wedding?!?

Shaun is a little camera shy, this is the best I could get. :) And my finger is still wrapped in the super awesome cast/splint. Just went to the orthopaedist tues and took more x-rays (sans insurance) and was told 2 more weeks in the stupid thing. Boo.

awesome sauce

--Maurice Sendak

when asked whether Spike Jonze's movie based on his book Where the Wild Things Are is too scary for kids in a Newsweek interview.

Friday, October 9

hungry for more

Traditional Irish Cabbage Potato Chuck Roast

14 sticks of butter
Pinch of salt
Seven hundred potatoes
2 pounds chuck roast beef

Boil together in large pot until all flavor is gone. Serve hot.

Thursday, October 8


Well, its officially official. I'm unemployed. For the first time since, well, ever I have no job. WTF?!? you may say. Well I agree. WTF indeed.

My wonderful ex-employer Lowe's Distribution Center (they fired me, no more anonimity for them) took absolutely no pity on me due to my broken finger. Its quite a convoluted story, but I trust you can all follow.

In order to be eligible for FMLA I have to be with the company for 6 months. Which is next wednesday. Yes I was 8 days away (not even work days, but calendar days) from my 6 month marker. So basically they told me to GO HOME every night, and thus making me have unexcused absences. I even had a note from my doctor saying I COULD WORK, and they still sent me home. How does that work?!? And at Lowe's once you have 10 occurrances (unexcused absences) you are terminated.

So instead of letting me take unpaid time off to heal, or let me work with my cast on since I had been medically released, they chose to fire me.

Bitter? Slightly. Angry? Just a touch.

Honestly I pretty much hated my job, but I Loved the people I worked with. I was just starting to make some really great friends, hanging outside of work, not to mention my cute work crush. So honestly I think its for the best. I hope to ride the unemployment train for a month or so doing Lord knows what. A lot of facebooking I suspect. But still, I'm bitter. And not to mention that I have a broken bone, and soon to have no insurance. Suck. Senators, don't fail me now!!

This is my cool pumpkin patch on the farm across the street.
This picture of a sea of orange did make me feel better today :)

Oh, and I downloaded a new album from a fantastic artist called Melody Gardot, My One and Only Thrill. Sort of slow, jazz influenced. I really like it. Check it out! :)

Sunday, October 4

butter fingers

had another fun filled weekend!
Last friday we instituted flag football friday in the park. Just some pals from work, having a great time, being out of shape, and throwing a football, pretending to have skillz.

This friday was part deux only this time in the rain.

First play of the game (i shit you not) I go to pull a flag from a girl. thumb and index finger on the flag, ring ringer slides inside her pocket unbeknownst to me, and as I pulled the flag, my finger was caught in her pocket. BAM! Ouch! well, that stings a bit...

So as my finger began to swell, and ache, I thought... hmm... this sucks.

2 hours later, i cant bend or straighten my finger. LUCKILY I took my ring off about an hour earlier.

Of course I had plans to see zombieland, so I taped 'er up and went to see it. Which by the way, was an amazing movie. But back to the topic at hand...

Finally get to urgent care, right before they closed, and wouldn't you know it?

yup. Broken.

Also, went to a Uof O football game. Was lots of fun tailgating and hanging out with the family. Also went with my work crush Shaun. So much fun. Even if washington state was crushed. And I didn't wear yellow. Nope. Not at all. Nononono no. You cant prove anything.

I also discovered that my new phone takes AMAZING pictures! Like this one...

Now i must take another vicodin as i am tired of peck typing with that claw of a hand pictured above. ;)