Thursday, October 8


Well, its officially official. I'm unemployed. For the first time since, well, ever I have no job. WTF?!? you may say. Well I agree. WTF indeed.

My wonderful ex-employer Lowe's Distribution Center (they fired me, no more anonimity for them) took absolutely no pity on me due to my broken finger. Its quite a convoluted story, but I trust you can all follow.

In order to be eligible for FMLA I have to be with the company for 6 months. Which is next wednesday. Yes I was 8 days away (not even work days, but calendar days) from my 6 month marker. So basically they told me to GO HOME every night, and thus making me have unexcused absences. I even had a note from my doctor saying I COULD WORK, and they still sent me home. How does that work?!? And at Lowe's once you have 10 occurrances (unexcused absences) you are terminated.

So instead of letting me take unpaid time off to heal, or let me work with my cast on since I had been medically released, they chose to fire me.

Bitter? Slightly. Angry? Just a touch.

Honestly I pretty much hated my job, but I Loved the people I worked with. I was just starting to make some really great friends, hanging outside of work, not to mention my cute work crush. So honestly I think its for the best. I hope to ride the unemployment train for a month or so doing Lord knows what. A lot of facebooking I suspect. But still, I'm bitter. And not to mention that I have a broken bone, and soon to have no insurance. Suck. Senators, don't fail me now!!

This is my cool pumpkin patch on the farm across the street.
This picture of a sea of orange did make me feel better today :)

Oh, and I downloaded a new album from a fantastic artist called Melody Gardot, My One and Only Thrill. Sort of slow, jazz influenced. I really like it. Check it out! :)

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