Saturday, September 26

confidence. mystery. vision.

has anyone else seen the burger king commercial with Tony Stewart and Eric Estrada?

if not...

am I the only one who wants them to make these glasses so we can buy them?
they're f*ing amazing

Tuesday, September 22

workin for the weekend

i have such a huge work crush its not even funny.

Its been so long since I've had an actual crush! I feel giddy like a school girl. All butterflied in my stomach and everything. I just can't stop grinning! Ahhhhhhhh, i'm a nerd.

Anyways, I have a date this friday! :) yipeeeee

Thursday, September 17

broad shoulders

"If I've learned anything, it's that we can never let the chaos and injustice make us so blind with anger that we become part of the problem.

Understanding, compassion, kindness, and love are the only true revolutionary ideas.

When we compromise those, we become what we despise and we lose our humanity."

Wednesday, September 16

Hungry Like the Wolf

What I am about to tell you is 100% factual.
The name has been changed to protect the anonymity and stupidity of the party involved, however the conversation itself, is being relayed to you exactly as it happened.

Tabi: Hey, who sings this song? It sounds like the Ramones.
Me: This song? You mean "Hungry Like the Wolf" ?
Tabi: Yeah! Who sings this?
Me: Duran Duran
Tabi: Who?
Tabi: Who are they?
Me: Ugghhhh... really?

This conversation was wrong on so many levels.

Number one: she has obviously NEVER heard the Ramones. In no way, have they ever sounded like Duran Duran.

Number two: Howwwwwwwww do you not know who Duran Duran is? Seriously?!?
Her name is Rio?!?
Girls on Film?!?
The Reflex?!?
and not to mention...

Kids these days. Very disappointing. She has to be only like 22 years old, and she's so naiive to great music. Oh the humanity. My brain hurts.

Ya.. I can totally see how you'd get them confused...

Monday, September 14

running water is a heaven sent invention

Greetings from another successful weekend! Have you ever been so hungover on Sunday that you have to call in to work on Monday? Well my friends, that was me this weekend. Good times for sure! I'm also bruised, scraped, sore and limping. Such fun!!

Went to my family's cabin for a few days with 2 friends. Lots of beers and row boating involved! :) I love that place, so quiet and quaint. Usually we're the only people on the lake, but this weekend was bustilng! Must have been at least 5 other boats on the lake! I know doesn't sound like much, but for Fish Lake, it was crowded!!

We actually had some neighbors 2 cabins down who were younger (usually the crowd is the "retired" age group). We were sitting on the dock fishing, drinking our Orange and Black budlights and a guy came over with pockets full of beer. He thought we needed some, until he realized we WERE drinking beer! hahahaa. He invited us over to their cabin for a bonfire later, which we gladly attended.

Bonfire was pretty cool, and chillax. Only about 6 of us around chatting. Until I had to go to the bathroom, and I couldn't find the flashlight, so I ventured into the darkness unaided. Well, I lost my footing (big surprise, being drunk and big boulder rocks EVERYWHERE) so I went down like a german Uboat. Scraping my arm on a boulder on the way down and then landing squarely on my ass. OUCH!! I also landed on my camera which was in my back pocket, which is now... out of commission. haha.

We played a few drunken round ofApples to Apples (a fantastic card game) and I apparently passed out in the bathroom. I know, classey for sure. What can I say, an afternoon of budlight mixed with a bottle of champange (smart move for sure) does not make for a great ending. Either way, I'm still kind of hung over, but still had a great time!!

The coolest thing to come out of my mouth all weekend:
"I have to take the hat off, its blocking my awesomeness."

Wednesday, September 9

My Mighty List

Inspired by my blogging amiga Trailer Wife and a cool blogger Mighty Girl, I've decided to write my own Mighty Life List. Please note that Mighty Girl's list has been sponsored by Intel. Yeah, Intel. (If anyone wants to sponsor my life list, please feel free to hit me up with an email. Yes, I accept PayPal, and personal checks.)

I've tried to write one of these lists before, but they always feel incomplete. I've visited several other sites for inspiration, and to be honest, my list is well over 100. But hey, its my list, it can be as long as I want, right?!? I've also added things that I've already done, which I'm pretty proud of, so I think its fair to have them on my list. Its a work in progress, but I think its coming along.

Oktoberfest in Munich | Go on Safari | Become a Land Owner | Brew Beer | Carnivale! Brazil | Kiss the Blarney Stone | Play golf @ St. Andrews | Swim with dolphins | Travel India by Train | Visit the holy land | Slap someone in the face | What happens in Vegas... | Donate blood | Read the entire Bible | Ask someone on a date | Climb to the top of Mt. St. Helens | Ride an elephant | Gondola ride in Venice | Hike the Pacific Crest Trail | Spend Christmas in Hawaii | Stay in the ice hotel in Sweden | Live in Iceland | Set foot on all 7 continents | Enter and Finish a 10K | Snowboard a double black diamond run | Catch a ball at an MLB game | Raft through the Grand Canyon | Drive on the autobahn | Sleep under the stars | Write my will | Drive across America, coast to coast | Set foot in all 50 states (29 of 50 to date) | Sing a song in front of an audience | Go to Walden Pond and read Thoreau while drifting in a canoe | Ride the Trans-Siberian Express across Asia | Drink espresso in a cafe in Paris | Be a member of an audience for a T.V. show | Fly 1st class | Go kayaking | Go white water rafting | Mardi Gras in New Orleans | Celebrate Chinese New Year in Beijing | Gamble at Monte Carlo, Monaco | Sleep in a castle | Invent something | Own stocks | Watch all the Academy Award winners for Best Picture | Own my own bar | Mush a dogsled | Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower | Go on a cruise | Visit the White House | Hold a political office | Live in another country for a year | Write and publish a book | Visit Hull, Scotland | Take a self-defense class | Have a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby | Take The Bernina Express from Chur, Switzerland to Tirano, Italy | Go to Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade | St. Patrick's Day Parade in Boston | Get a tattoo | Dance the tango in Argentina | Photograph an endangered species | Enjoy a freshly rolled cigar in Cuba | Visit every capital city in Europe | Have a Guiness in a pub in Ireland | Drink whiskey in Ireland and whisky in Scotland and bourbon in Kentucky | Become debt free | Go snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef | Drive a zambonie | Go to the Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY | Make a difference | Ayers Rock, Australia | Machu Pichu, Peru | Stand on the Great Wall of China | Climb the Pyramids, see the Sphynx and Valley of the Kings | Photograph the Northern Lights | Watch the salmon run in Alaska | See Victoria Falls | St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican, Rome | The Acropolis in Greece | The Statues of Easter Island, Chile | Kiyomizu Temple in Japan | The Kremlin in Russia | The Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, London | The Louvre in Paris, France | The Taj Mahal, India | See a Broadway Show | Go to a World Cup match | See the Matterhorn | Mt. Kilamonjaro | Leaning tower of Pisa | The Palio in Sienna, Italy | See baseball games at Yankee stadium, Shae Stadium, Fenway Park and Wrigley Field | Niagra Falls | New York City from the top of the Empire State Building | Learn 3 other languages conversationally | Earn a Master's degree | Change the oil in my own car | Be able to do the 'peacock' yoga pose | Become proficient in the use of a plane, motorcycle, tractor, surfboard, rifle, pistol, canoe, football, basketball, bow and arrow, a guitar, lariat and boomerang | Become familiar with the compositions of Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Ibert, Mendelssohn, Lalo, Liszt, Rimski-Korsakov, Respighi, Rachmaninoff, Paganini, Stravinsky, Toch, Tschaikosvsky, Verdi | Read the works of Shakespeare, Plato, Aristotle, Dickens, Thoreau, Rousseau, Conrad, Hemingway, Twain, Burroughs, Talmage, Tolstoi, Longfellow, Keats, Poe, Bacon, Whittier, and Emerson

And being in a german beer ad is pretty awesome too.
Even if it wasn't on my list. ;)

I'm Running... on a Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Hellooooooooo friends!

I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend! I certainly did!
A few friends and I went white water rafting!! So fuN! Well, I've been before, and didn't go this time cause yes, I'm a woos when it comes to rain and cold on the water, and also cause my Beavers were playing. I was parked at the local bar drinkin a few brews watching my Boys in Black. And we won!! (34-7 against Portland State)

But even though I didn't manage to make an appearance in the water, we all still had a great time! Lots of fun sitting around a fire, lots and lots and lots of beers were had. And let me tell you about the beers!! ORANGE AND BLACK Bud Light Cans!!! GOOOOO Oregon State!! Hehehee! Needless to say we bought 3 cases and one is sitting in my living room right now. :)

As for labor day itself, my job aparently doesn't like you to actually take off the "national holiday completely invented for not working" so I got to Labor for 10 hours this Labor day. Wheee. Overtime here I come!! I guess there's ONE upside. Ugggghhhhhh.

Well nows I'm off to the chiropractor, have a great day all!!!

Tuesday, September 1

lunch lady land

so I've been toying with the idea of going back to school. well it was always on the agenda in the future, but since I'm trapped in Lebanon for an unforeseen amount of time, i feel like i should be doing something else.

then while at the chiropractor, he gave me the idea of not getting my graduate degree, but going back to get a second BA. Since half the work is already done, it was definitely something to chew on.

I've been looking into the Environmental Science Degree at OSU (thanks Rickey!). it looks great, lots of very applicable stuff that could go well with my current International Business degree. Plus, I can do it ALL online, so if I move, go to the peace corps, or become a long-haul truck driver, i'm good to go!!

I think I'm going to head over to OSU sometime this week and chat with an advisor to see what they say. Especially schools love to tell you that the first time you took Econ 101 only counts for one degree, so you have to take something else, or that you took it too long a go, like priciples of economics have drastically changed over the last 10 years.

Of course, I think I'll start in the Winter, since then I can re-fill out my FAFSA form for 2010, and since I made like 5,000 this year, i'd be very eligible for some financial aid!! (not to mention the fact that i can put off paying off my current loans if I'm still in school)

For now, I've enrolled in the LBCC class of Beginning French, which is a zero credit class at the Albany Senior Center. I took french for a year in high school, so i'm sure it should be quite an easy review, and something to start on.

an empty barrel makes the most noise

I love the Golden Girls!

I'm not ashamed to say it. It honestly is so hilarious and heartwarming. The characters are great!

No matter how down I'm feeling, there's nothing like Golden Girls marathon to lift my spirits. Don't believe me? Give it a try. I dare you. There's no way you can hear a zinger from Sofia, a St. Olaf story from Rose, a level headed bit of knowledge from Dorothy or a sassy, sexy man story from Blanche and not bust out loud laughing!!

Thank God its on Lifetime, We and Hallmark channel about 18 times a day, so I don't have to go long without my fix!!