Monday, September 14

running water is a heaven sent invention

Greetings from another successful weekend! Have you ever been so hungover on Sunday that you have to call in to work on Monday? Well my friends, that was me this weekend. Good times for sure! I'm also bruised, scraped, sore and limping. Such fun!!

Went to my family's cabin for a few days with 2 friends. Lots of beers and row boating involved! :) I love that place, so quiet and quaint. Usually we're the only people on the lake, but this weekend was bustilng! Must have been at least 5 other boats on the lake! I know doesn't sound like much, but for Fish Lake, it was crowded!!

We actually had some neighbors 2 cabins down who were younger (usually the crowd is the "retired" age group). We were sitting on the dock fishing, drinking our Orange and Black budlights and a guy came over with pockets full of beer. He thought we needed some, until he realized we WERE drinking beer! hahahaa. He invited us over to their cabin for a bonfire later, which we gladly attended.

Bonfire was pretty cool, and chillax. Only about 6 of us around chatting. Until I had to go to the bathroom, and I couldn't find the flashlight, so I ventured into the darkness unaided. Well, I lost my footing (big surprise, being drunk and big boulder rocks EVERYWHERE) so I went down like a german Uboat. Scraping my arm on a boulder on the way down and then landing squarely on my ass. OUCH!! I also landed on my camera which was in my back pocket, which is now... out of commission. haha.

We played a few drunken round ofApples to Apples (a fantastic card game) and I apparently passed out in the bathroom. I know, classey for sure. What can I say, an afternoon of budlight mixed with a bottle of champange (smart move for sure) does not make for a great ending. Either way, I'm still kind of hung over, but still had a great time!!

The coolest thing to come out of my mouth all weekend:
"I have to take the hat off, its blocking my awesomeness."

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