Tuesday, June 29

this may be the greatest test of my patience... ever.

That's right folks.

Tonight, for almost EIGHT SOLID HOURS, I will be Twilight-ified!

Not that I need patience for brooding vampires, hot cars, bare-chested jail bait and whiney emo-esque song montages... But  no, I will be in the theater with squealing, ill-mannered, unsupervised, no-school-tomorrow, talking-so-loud-so-EVERYONE-can-hear-me, tweens. *le sigh*

Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited about watching the new movie. Got my tix last weekend in fact! And our theater, which is a BRILLIANT thing to do, it showing the first two movies before hand, starting at 6:30 (me thinks). And then the midnight show of Eclipse at, well, midnight.

I just don't know if I can handle idiotic teenagers for that long. Sans alcohol even. Hmmmm... And that's a long time to be sitting in the theater too! I'm gonna have to sneak in some Clif bars or Arby's or some shit.

MMmmmm... Beef... and cheese... and sparkley vampires... YUM!

*Sorry no random shit tuesday today... just too excited! To get your fill go here!*

Monday, June 28

oh no, i WILL kill you

i will kill you


repeat for 8 minutes until

*McGriddle Pants stumbled into roommate's room and  
SLAMS the snooze button down*

"If you can't hear it, 
why do you fucking use it?!"
*grumble grumble*

Happy Monday my lovlies!

Sunday, June 27

the hangover

 His name is Carlos.
Happy Sunday!

T'was a great weekend here in McGriddleville -- Including today's lovely hangover which woke me at approximately 8:30am (after finally going to bed at 3:30). The roommate and I had a great bbq at our place, so of course I started drinking around 6. I think I went from "buzzed" to "Holy-shit-I-can't-remember-my-name drunk" in about 2 minutes flat.

Did you know its not the best idea to have 4 beers on an empty stomach?

And then only eat one piece of chicken?

Surprise! See? You learn something new every day.

Just don't be shocked when you walk 2 miles home from the bar at midnight cause the beer your drinking suddenly looks revolting, and you think your forehead is about to make best friends with the tabletop.

Oh, and of course I didn't bring my keys, so I passed out on the porch swing for an hour and a half until my roommate got home from the bar. I guess I missed a great time because some really short, fat chick tried to start a fight with her, and apparently tried to use "You smell like a campfire" as an insult. Sorry little lady, but flattery will get you nowhere.

So anybooze, today has been a fun filled day of solid couch time, mostly consisting of research for my "Movie Madness Throwback Edition Part 2" with such gems as The Lost Boys and the original Clash of the Titans. Cinematic gold my friends. Gold!

For now, my pillow is calling to me.

P.S. Why do people insist on setting fireworks off early?!

Friday, June 25

The First McGriddle Awards!

Welcome to my award show!

(trademark pending)

I'm sorry I'm not more dressed up, but I didn't invite Joan or Melissa Rivers, so I'm pretty sure I won't end up on any "Worst Dressed" lists (not that my fleece pajama pants aren't simply divine.) Basically, in my boredom awesomeness I've created a few awards for the best,  of the bestof the best!  

This is all in my opinion, which as we know, is the only opinion that really matters. I've made these blog awards with LOVE, but winners, feel free to pass them along to your deserving bloggy friends. Its a big blog world out there, and I honestly just don't have the time to get to everyone.

Okay, so its my award show, so my rules. The first rule about The McGriddle Awards, is there are no rules! There can be multiple winners per category. No one has to do anything "silly" to pass the award on to anyone. Make up your own rules, I don't care!! Its fun! It is appreciated to acknowledge your award on your blog, but not required (insert suitable amount of guilt here) Nor do you have to "display" it on your page, but again, I worked really hard on these, so... um... do what you wish.

Let's get started!

This is sort of my "silent but deadly" award. Those followers, who you know are there, silently stalking following you. You don't comment a lot, but I know you're always there reading... so TAH DAHHHH! You've been outed! Thanks for following!!
Denise @ Blah, Blah, Blah
The Faux Trixie @ The Faux Trixie
Stacie @ Stacie's Madness

I really don't think this award needs much explanation. Although I hate text-isms like "LOL" and "ROFL" I thought this was an awesome picture.  So now, the blogs that make me literally figuratively Roll on the Floor Laughing! HAHAAAHAHA!
ALADDINSANE @ She Don't Make False Claims
Living Shallow, Living Well @ Living Shallow, Living Well
That Ain't Kosher @ That Ain't Kosher
Heather @ Boyfriend Challenged

She is truly the Mommy with the Mostest! And being a non-mom myself I really get tired of all the "mommy blogs" (DON'T HATE!) Its just that I really don't relate, and there a re soooo oo oo ooooooo oo o o oo oooo o  many of them. So I always appreciate a Mommy who doesn't let that title RULE her life. A woman is so many things, not just a Mommy. So here's to those who do it well!
Sofia @ The Brewery
You kick ass my mommy friend!!

That's right people! I READ YOUR COMMENTS! And most of you know, I try to respond to as many as possible. I drummed up this little beauty with my pal Chuck Norris. And if we say you're kick ass... then you're KICK ASS! Thanks for the comment love!
SALT @ Salt says...
Monkey VonMonkerstein @ Monkey Muck
Jeff @ Life Can Be Funny, SOMETIMES
Heather @ 30 and Starting Over
Wicked  Shawn @ Wicked Girls Think It, Do You?

I gotta say, I'll skip over some blogs just  to read a few of my favs. And these are some of them!

I only have a little brother, and the older I get, the more jealous I get of girls who have sisters. Well... friends are the family you GET TO CHOOSE, so I choose you! (Lucky Ducks!!)
One Blonde Girl @ One Blonde Girl
Cathy @ Cathy has Antsy Pants 
CB @ One Crazy Brunette Chick
(I think this is the 3rd award I've given her... but she's AWESOME!!)
Salt @ Salt says...
Sofia @ The Brewery
(that's right, its my award show, so I can double dip the awards ALL I WANT!!)

And finally, I want to thank Sarah @ Something Good Can Work for this lovely award...

and to the Faux Trixie, who ever so graciously, passed this beauty onto me...

Thanks Everyone!!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of the McGriddies... Cause if you're reading this you're totally awesome! You may get one of these awards, or a totally new one!!
Peace Out,

Thursday, June 24

dear waitress

Dear Waitress,

It was very kind of you to notice me walk in and not acknowledge me as I looked for a place to sit. After I sat, you kindly walked right past and still said nothing. After you chatted with your friend sitting at the bar, you promptly noticed the two nice looking young men who came in and sat down. I appreciate that you A) were wearing those ugly sketchers shoes and have low self esteem, and that B) your hair was so bleached blond you have probably dyed any intelligence away, but I still feel that I am a valued customer. After I sat there for at least ten minutes I am happy that you brought me a menu, and when I asked for a beer, you asked for my ID and walked a way like it was going to take me twenty minutes to get it out. Let me assure you my dear, it did not. It again was so kind of you to get those gentlemen's drink orders, bring them their drinks, then come by to check my ID, and take their food orders, bring them their salads ALL BEFORE I GOT MY GOD DAMN BEER. Now, I am sure that you think their time is either more valuable than mine, or that they will tip you better.  But it seems pretty short sided of you to assume that either is correct. I would have been a great tipper. *please note the past-tense* Thank you for finally bringing my beer, and before I could catch your eye, walk off to another table. I know, I know, not everyone orders food  in a bar, but you'd think that since I read the menu while you were floating around you might have assumed I was hungry, which I was. You my dear, are the kind of waitress that I want to slap.

Now why didn't I think of something clever like this?

I'm not sure if you think you're awesome, or if you're just so oblivious to even notice anyone of the feminine sex in your establishment. Again, finally, thank you for finally taking my order, and bringing my food out. Oh, it was so nice that  those men finished and left a good 5 minutes before I even got my food order. Why didn't I get up and leave? Good question. I wanted to see if you really were for real or not. And indeed you are. I want to thank you. Thank you for being so awful. I will never eat at your place of business again. Unless I'm with my boyfriend, upon which I can expect to get immediate, fast, friendly service, you bitch.

Peace, Love and Happiness,

Monday, June 21

200th Post! And an end of an era.

Hey kiddies. NEW LAYOUT!! WOOOOO!

I'm sorry I've been less-than-awesome lately. In an attempt to post something but not being able to think of anything, I've changed my layout. I've been trying so hard to think of something wonderful to post, but my personal life has been basically an internal shit-storm, mostly of my own creation, but nevertheless...

Happy 200th Post to me! I've been thinking about posting for a few days now, but was thinking that my 200th should be something awesome. Amazing. Truly Earth-shattering. But alas, I'm not sure if this will please you or not... but here goes.

The End of an Era:

 My bestest friend in the world is a lovely gal named Ester. We met during my summer abroad in Germany. She was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. A super amazing best friend. Someone who listened, was incredibly wise beyond her years, sweet, caring, and beyond awesome. We were closer than sisters, sharing everything, from future careers, men, what we wanted out of life and growing old. We each knew we'd end up growing old together, in some form or another.

During our time abroad, we shared everything. She an Italian born, Canadian resident, and I an Oregon born, Oregonian. We traveled to every place imaginable, Prague, Paris, Florence, Frankfurt, Wurtzburg, Sienna, Pisa, and Spain. We shared so many amazing travel adventures I wouldn't even know where to begin...

I was having a very difficult time at the end of our study abroad. I was madly in love with a friend of ours, Robert. Rob and I had a whirlwind romance, that lasted for almost 2 years after our time together in Germany. To date, we are still very good friends, but have come to grips with the ups and downs of every day life, and realized what was actually possible out of our relationship. So we are great, great friends. But you know who was there for me for those 2 years of ups and downs? Yup, Ester.

We spent every spare minute emailing each other, facebooking, calling, emailing, emailing, calling, emailing and visiting each other. I went to Canada 3 times visiting herseeing the sights of Toronto. She visited me three times in New York City when I was living there. We were still so close, not letting distance come between us.

Long story short, my dear Ester met a man. Or so I "heard."  She had basically dropped off the face of the earth for nearly 13 months. A few short emails here, short phone calls there, and she was now engaged. Oh, did I mention that she had been engaged for a week?!? Yeah. Thanks for the update "friend." We chatted about him, her, them and upcoming plans. I was truly happy for them, but was sad I wasn't her "first" call. We were best friends... right?!

Cut to now. Yeah. Another 6 months. She's texted me once to tell me when she's set the date for. July 31st. Also the same date as another friend of mine's wedding. I asked her what she needed me to do for the wedding... the basic who/what/when/where I'd need to be to help. She never responded.

Its now 5 weeks out from her wedding. I'm beginning to think I'm not even invited to the wedding, let alone be in the wedding. My  mom tries to tell me I've done nothing wrong. She's made her choice. I've emailed and emailed and emailed, and called and texted and called. All with no response.  Its so incredibly hard to not take this personally. What did I do? Did I not do? I cry at least once a week over the whole thing.

So this week, in an attempt at closure... I've bought a wedding present and sent it away. Some really cute salad tongs, that are hand made in Oregon. The card said "Wish I could be there for your big day" blah blah blah, since now its way too close for me to pop for a plane ticket to Toronto. I really wish them both happiness, but it is extremely bitter sweet. I wish I could be there. I miss my friend so much you'll never know.

I'm done. I will never forget about my friend, but I'm done. I may still cry every night, especially the night of her wedding. My little Ester. It breaks my heart to not be there for her. For her to not want me to be there for her. I guess we all make our choices in life. I just wish they didn't all have to hurt so much.

Such is my life. Fun times, no? So that was then, and this is now. I just wish I knew, why? But I'll probably never know why. I guess I can hope, back in my heart of hearts, that she someday comes back to me. But I'm not going to hold my breath. I will hold her in my heart forever. Maybe someday, when we're old and gray, widows, we'll find each other, and maybe end our lives together by the sea shore in Spain. And maybe not. A girl can dream, can't she?

Thursday, June 17


I really need an escape. 
I'm sick of it all.
The weather.

Where I'd rather be:

Peace out.

Tuesday, June 15

random shit tuesday

Holy SHIT! Am I ever in a bad mood. So bear with me...

I'm currently dog-sitting (again). Its fun and all, but puppies are
a. shit. ton . of. work. Not only does he want CONSTANT attention, but he has to be under my feet all the time. He doesn't listen to you, even though he knows exactly what you're saying. He also has absolutely NO leash manners and zero socialization skills. Oh, and did I mention he doesn't listen? I try not to blame his parents, but, its really about spending the time to train him. He's smart, but sweet Jesus is he annyoing sometimes. I'm sure this is very similar to what having kids is like. I had to go to the store and buy new treats called "Busy Pups" to do just that, keep him busy. Sheesh! He's currently licking the bone, to get to the awesomey-centery-goodness.
lick. lick. lick. lick. lcik.
lick. lick. lick. 
lick. lick. lick. lick. 
Oh my fucking Christ I'm going to throw him out the window.
No, not really.
But really.

I watched a movie the other day called Bollywood Hero.
I highly recommend this movie. It stars Chris Kattan, as himself (from SNL, Night at the Roxbury, Corky Romano) who goes to India to star in a movie to become a "Leading Man." Its super funny, like I literally LOL'd and I hate that expresison. Mr. Man even enjoyed it as well. Lots of comedic hijinks are involved, cultural snafoos and misunderstandings, he can't dance, he mocks his own movie career, and it gets all wrapped up with light hearted romance at the end. I really liked it. Its probably one of those movies you'd never watch, but you won't regret adding it to your Netflix queue.

And speaking of movies, tell me this doesn't look like absoulte shit.

It looks like an even shittier version of Wild Wild West. And God I hate Megan Fox. I'm so glad she's not coming back for anymore Transformers sequels.

I'm in the market for a new camera. I totally can't figure out which one I want. How fancy it needs to be. How much of the fancy-pants features will I really use? Its a little daunting. I've always had great luck with Canons, so I'm leaning towards one of those.
But I'm not entirely sure that $1,500 is really necessary for my first "upgraded, fancy-pants, cool-tastic" camera. I was thinking more like... $400-600... that sounds a  little more realistic. Does anyone have a camera they just absolutely LOVE? I'd love some suggestions or tips you have...

And finally... here's my
Quote of the week:
Buy me a drink and I imbibe today.
Teach me to drink and OMG YUM WTF IS IN THIS?

Monday, June 14

someone's got a case of the Mondays

I gotta be honest, lately I've been feeling very introspective, melancholy and got a raging case of wanderlust. Do they make a cream for that? No? Anyways. I was reading through some journals from the summer I studied abroad and laughing and reminiscing. Most of this has been brought on by the World Cup, since I studied abroad IN GERMANY when the World Cup was last there. And that my BFF (presumably past tense) is getting married, whom I met in Germany, and I haven't spoken to in months.

So in absence of anything truly funny or witty, please enjoy some lessons learned from some of my past travels.
  • Airports have turned into malls.
  • Duke rowdies and New York Yankee nuts seem like churchgoers compared to soccer fans.
  • The lower the latitude, the crazier the driving.
  • Large drip coffee? Free refill? Still a foreign concept.
  • Open doors are often widest from the people with the least.
  • ATMs are the world's currency. And the US dollar will often suffice. I've paid for gas in the Czech Republic, tolls in Italy and t-shirts in Poland with American greenbacks. Next time I'm in North Dakota I'll try to give Russian rubles to a gas station attendant.
  • I thought my to-visit list would shrink once I'd visited other countries. Only to find it's grown exponentially.
Big win for Deutchland yesterday. Close tie for Italia today. Should be a good game for Brasil tomorrow. Can't wait for the first round games to be over, its been kinda boring. And for those stupid swarm sounding horns to be out-lawed. (And yes, I'm pompus like that, spelling countries like THEY spell them, at least during the World Cup)

Sunday, June 13

buy this now! (with kitty update)

Kitty Update:
Lil'  Jackie is doing soooooo much better! The antibiotics and anti-inflammatories have really worked wonders. She's still a little slow on the go, but she's just doing amazingly better. She even jumped up on the bed this morning while we were sleeping! Not sure if she'll make a full 100% recovery, but I think she's going to be A-okay. She's been so reserved and timid these last few days, its nice to see some of her old personality coming back too. Thank goodness!!!!

Before I offered the option to cancel the trip, he had planned to have his mom watch her for the weekend. After we left their place, he actually said

"Do you think, that she thinks she's done something wrong? And that's why we sent her away? Because she was bad?"

I mean, WOW! I almost teared up. It was at this point I decided to pull the plug on the rafting trip. I didn't want him worrying about her the whole time, not having any fun. I know she'd feel better recovering at home with "dad" too. I'm not heartless people!!! So we went straight back to his folks' place to pick her up.

Its a funny thing, watching an adult, 6'4" man doting over his petite little kitty cat. Telling her she's a "gooooood kitty kitty." We actually drove around to 4 stores yesterday looking for the "perfect" cat bed, and the "right kind" of wet cat food. We even looked for infant socks so that her foot wouldn't get too cold, since she wasn't sitting on it like she usually did, to keep it warm. Its nice to see that that paternal side to him. And it makes me giggle cause I mean, come on!! Too funny.

On another, also positive note, I've found these:


I've been rocking the reusable grocery bags for some time now, and have been trying to avoid the produce bags whenever possible, but sometimes its just not feasible. But on yesterday's trip to Fred Meyer's we found these. Just amaaaaaaaaazingggg!! (in my best Oprah voice) I'm so glad that there's finally some reusable product bags! I'm sure I'm going to have the same problem as the grocery bags, as in, remembering to actually bring them to the store. But at least now I'll have no one to blame but myself!! (as if I ever to anything wrong, wahwah!) They were 3 for about $1.98, so I highly recommend you pick some up TODAY!

Hoping all your weekends are going well. I'm currently looking for hotels in Leavenworth, Washington so we can reschedule our weekend away there. I mean, its a "Bavarian Town"!! Hells to the Yesss!!

Peace out lovies,