Tuesday, June 15

random shit tuesday

Holy SHIT! Am I ever in a bad mood. So bear with me...

I'm currently dog-sitting (again). Its fun and all, but puppies are
a. shit. ton . of. work. Not only does he want CONSTANT attention, but he has to be under my feet all the time. He doesn't listen to you, even though he knows exactly what you're saying. He also has absolutely NO leash manners and zero socialization skills. Oh, and did I mention he doesn't listen? I try not to blame his parents, but, its really about spending the time to train him. He's smart, but sweet Jesus is he annyoing sometimes. I'm sure this is very similar to what having kids is like. I had to go to the store and buy new treats called "Busy Pups" to do just that, keep him busy. Sheesh! He's currently licking the bone, to get to the awesomey-centery-goodness.
lick. lick. lick. lick. lcik.
lick. lick. lick. 
lick. lick. lick. lick. 
Oh my fucking Christ I'm going to throw him out the window.
No, not really.
But really.

I watched a movie the other day called Bollywood Hero.
I highly recommend this movie. It stars Chris Kattan, as himself (from SNL, Night at the Roxbury, Corky Romano) who goes to India to star in a movie to become a "Leading Man." Its super funny, like I literally LOL'd and I hate that expresison. Mr. Man even enjoyed it as well. Lots of comedic hijinks are involved, cultural snafoos and misunderstandings, he can't dance, he mocks his own movie career, and it gets all wrapped up with light hearted romance at the end. I really liked it. Its probably one of those movies you'd never watch, but you won't regret adding it to your Netflix queue.

And speaking of movies, tell me this doesn't look like absoulte shit.

It looks like an even shittier version of Wild Wild West. And God I hate Megan Fox. I'm so glad she's not coming back for anymore Transformers sequels.

I'm in the market for a new camera. I totally can't figure out which one I want. How fancy it needs to be. How much of the fancy-pants features will I really use? Its a little daunting. I've always had great luck with Canons, so I'm leaning towards one of those.
But I'm not entirely sure that $1,500 is really necessary for my first "upgraded, fancy-pants, cool-tastic" camera. I was thinking more like... $400-600... that sounds a  little more realistic. Does anyone have a camera they just absolutely LOVE? I'd love some suggestions or tips you have...

And finally... here's my
Quote of the week:
Buy me a drink and I imbibe today.
Teach me to drink and OMG YUM WTF IS IN THIS?


MrsCaptKerk said...

Oh my gosh! I hate megan fox! She's part of my rant in tomorrow's post.

As for camera recs, I bought my husband a Nikon D3000 for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. I think it was $499 if I remember correctly. I got it on Amazon.

One Blonde Girl said...

Ok, first off, I was totally in a horrible mood too, but then I got the bestest haircut ever today and now I'm feeling pretty stoked! (pics tomorrow)

Secondly, Megan Fox is a fad. I'm pretty sure no one takes her serious as an actor and I'm pretty sure once the next new, hot thing comes along, no one will care about her anymore. Wait, do people still care about her?

Oh, and in regards to the camera, my sis has a digital Canon Rebel something-er-other, which she loves. I have no idea how much it cost, but back before camera's were digital, I had a normal Canon Rebel and loved it. COme to think of it, I still have that somewhere... probably in storage. *sigh* Let me know what you get! I need a big-person camera too.

Rich said...

Camera wise I bought a Sony DSLR A330, and I am perfectly happy with it. It was in the 550-650 range, with the extended protection it ended up about $800. I have no complaints whatsoever, and would recommend fully this camera. As a "camera-illiterate" even I figured this one out, so there you go.

Stacie's Madness said...

i hate megan fox because she's beautiful.
i find others hate me for the same reason... ;)

my random shit is off the hook today...or off the shitter.


Salt said...

I am feeling hesitant to even watch that clip because I hate Megan Fox with such a seething passion. But if you think it looks worse than Wild Wild West, then they might as well just put it straight to DVD right now. That movie was crap.

And you dog story is exactly why I prefer to have cats. :)

Crazy Brunette said...

You are fucking NUTS with your fucking dog thing!!

I dislike dogs GREATLY!!!!!

I LOVE Megan Fox!!! I can't believe you hooker!!! She is fucking GORGEOUS and she got to make out with my future husband... (Shia)

Always go with Nikon bitch... ALWAYS!!

I heart your face!

Cathy said...

I could never dog sit...I'm not really a dog person.

I have a Nikon D90. It was uber expensive, but I love it. Really though you can get fantastic cameras in the $600 range. My SIL has a Nikon D60 I think and she found it at costco for like $650 or something.

"Seattle" Heather said...

Cannon are great, but Kodak is good too. I have professional camera bitch friends who swear by their Kodak's