Monday, June 14

someone's got a case of the Mondays

I gotta be honest, lately I've been feeling very introspective, melancholy and got a raging case of wanderlust. Do they make a cream for that? No? Anyways. I was reading through some journals from the summer I studied abroad and laughing and reminiscing. Most of this has been brought on by the World Cup, since I studied abroad IN GERMANY when the World Cup was last there. And that my BFF (presumably past tense) is getting married, whom I met in Germany, and I haven't spoken to in months.

So in absence of anything truly funny or witty, please enjoy some lessons learned from some of my past travels.
  • Airports have turned into malls.
  • Duke rowdies and New York Yankee nuts seem like churchgoers compared to soccer fans.
  • The lower the latitude, the crazier the driving.
  • Large drip coffee? Free refill? Still a foreign concept.
  • Open doors are often widest from the people with the least.
  • ATMs are the world's currency. And the US dollar will often suffice. I've paid for gas in the Czech Republic, tolls in Italy and t-shirts in Poland with American greenbacks. Next time I'm in North Dakota I'll try to give Russian rubles to a gas station attendant.
  • I thought my to-visit list would shrink once I'd visited other countries. Only to find it's grown exponentially.
Big win for Deutchland yesterday. Close tie for Italia today. Should be a good game for Brasil tomorrow. Can't wait for the first round games to be over, its been kinda boring. And for those stupid swarm sounding horns to be out-lawed. (And yes, I'm pompus like that, spelling countries like THEY spell them, at least during the World Cup)


One Blonde Girl said...

Blah. Me too.

Salt said...

There must be some kind of weird planetary alignment going on because I'm been experiencing much of the same.

What is this madness about the horns? I'm still trying to understand.