Thursday, June 3

little bit of this... little bit of that...

Happy Thursday buddy bears! Things are going just swimmingly here on my end. I think I've finally gotten back into the swing of things. Who knew that ONE holiday weekend could put me into such a crazy funk? A good funk, but a funk no less!
Okay, down to business!

First off, I gotta give a MASSIVE

to my favorite Crazy Brunette Chick for making this award for me!!
I love, LOVE, LOVE this award. Now, please don't get all P.C. on my ass (I'm talking to YOU Sarah Palin) I am a retarded slut apparently for not having ever, in all my life, eaten a grapefruit until a few weeks ago. Sad I know. I made her a lovely award too, definitely not a snazzy as this one tho! You'll have to go to her page to check it out! Plus you should go there cause she's super funny too. And awesome. GO NOW!


I'm also back to work! Well, sort of... I used to work at Hollywood Video for about a decade, two years ago. So obviously I still have some friends working at random stores. Well, if you haven't heard they're going out of business, so they need some temp workers to help out with the liquidation sale stuff. So basically I just hang out, waste corporate money, and reminisce with people about the "old days." Not bad work for minimum wage. Its kind of like the last day of school... when everyone is cleaning their desks, lockers, coat closets and such... depressing but fun all at once.

Well since we missed out on Random Shit Tuesday here's a random "WHAT THE CRAP" thought from me to you...

My birthday is coming up, in July. My friend (or more likely his fiancee) has scheduled his wedding the Saturday before (actual bday is on a Monday). As pissed, but not-really-pissed I am about their "stealing" my birthday thunder, I've tried to have a good attitude about it and not complain. So I've scheduled my annual festivities to be the weekend before the big day.  Well I was just informed by one of the groomsmen that the bachelor party is that same day. The weekend after my big day is Mr. Man's family's annual camping trip and the weekend after that is yet another wedding. Good gravy. So much for a birthday party! WHAT.THE.CRAP?! *sigh*

And since we missed Wordless Wednesday, here's this little beauty I was saving for you (yes, YOU!)

The weekend was busy and awesome, filled with fishing, booze and even a whole day of sunshine! WOOoo! I even got a sunburn! You can't really grasp the awesomeness of the weekend in words, so please enjoy this photo montage



Stacie's Madness said...

that sucks ass about your birthday weekend(s) being foiled.

*raises fist in air*

My birthday is July 5th, so there is always a parade and fireworks, just for MEEEEE. What? What's that? Those aren't for me???

yes they are.

Dr. Monkey said...

Fishing and beer? Holy hell woman, you know the way to a man's heart don't you.

Meghan said...

I think you should still throw a birthday party the weekend before - you deserve it!!!

And that "cat". Umm. Wow.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

omg, love that award! and now i want some fish..

Mrs. Beer said...

That fish looks awesome! How fun! I wanna goooo!

The Wolf said...

There's nothing like fishing and beer by the lake or ocean on the weekend.................except of course if you throw in some dynamite which is great for fishing by the way. Not that I would ever use explosives in an unprofessional manner.....ummmmm.yeah thats it.

Anonymous said...

Geez...first there were pictures of a beer sampler and now the fishing pictures...I think I am ready to hop into my kayak and paddle my way to that lake...gee I wonder if google map can plan this trip out for me :-)

Crazy Brunette said...

Your award that you gave me was AWESOME hoe!

Do you SEE any other awards on the HOME page??? NOPE!

I am LOVING 'anyhoodle'!!!

I hate opossums!