Sunday, June 13

buy this now! (with kitty update)

Kitty Update:
Lil'  Jackie is doing soooooo much better! The antibiotics and anti-inflammatories have really worked wonders. She's still a little slow on the go, but she's just doing amazingly better. She even jumped up on the bed this morning while we were sleeping! Not sure if she'll make a full 100% recovery, but I think she's going to be A-okay. She's been so reserved and timid these last few days, its nice to see some of her old personality coming back too. Thank goodness!!!!

Before I offered the option to cancel the trip, he had planned to have his mom watch her for the weekend. After we left their place, he actually said

"Do you think, that she thinks she's done something wrong? And that's why we sent her away? Because she was bad?"

I mean, WOW! I almost teared up. It was at this point I decided to pull the plug on the rafting trip. I didn't want him worrying about her the whole time, not having any fun. I know she'd feel better recovering at home with "dad" too. I'm not heartless people!!! So we went straight back to his folks' place to pick her up.

Its a funny thing, watching an adult, 6'4" man doting over his petite little kitty cat. Telling her she's a "gooooood kitty kitty." We actually drove around to 4 stores yesterday looking for the "perfect" cat bed, and the "right kind" of wet cat food. We even looked for infant socks so that her foot wouldn't get too cold, since she wasn't sitting on it like she usually did, to keep it warm. Its nice to see that that paternal side to him. And it makes me giggle cause I mean, come on!! Too funny.

On another, also positive note, I've found these:


I've been rocking the reusable grocery bags for some time now, and have been trying to avoid the produce bags whenever possible, but sometimes its just not feasible. But on yesterday's trip to Fred Meyer's we found these. Just amaaaaaaaaazingggg!! (in my best Oprah voice) I'm so glad that there's finally some reusable product bags! I'm sure I'm going to have the same problem as the grocery bags, as in, remembering to actually bring them to the store. But at least now I'll have no one to blame but myself!! (as if I ever to anything wrong, wahwah!) They were 3 for about $1.98, so I highly recommend you pick some up TODAY!

Hoping all your weekends are going well. I'm currently looking for hotels in Leavenworth, Washington so we can reschedule our weekend away there. I mean, its a "Bavarian Town"!! Hells to the Yesss!!

Peace out lovies,


Salt said...

Oh I like those bags! Very cool!

And of course this is excellent and wonderful news about little Jackie. I'm so glad she's feeling better. How did those infant socks work out for her? (That is seriously too cute!)

MrsCaptKerk said...

Great news about kitty!