Wednesday, June 2

rain, rain, go away

I'm such a fail. This holiday weekend has thrown me all off kilter. No Random Shit Tuesday, or Wordless Wednesday. Maybe (hopefully) I'll get back into gear tomorrow.

Its June for Criminey's sake, and its still raining and GROSS outside! At least its like 64 degrees today. However, girl i saw walking down the sidewalk (I'm talking to you), if its rainy enough to warrant using an umbrella, perhaps you should not wear flip-flops and put on a jacket. Dumb-ass.

Sorry chickadees, but I'm just not feeling bloggy ahora, so I leave you with this pic that pretty much sums up my day.

Stolen from here

See y'all tomorry!

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One Blonde Girl said...

Ooh... that girl in flip flops was totally me the other day. I never dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Once I pack the socks away, the toes are out to stay (and play)! Inclement weather be damned!

Mrs. Beer said...

Im so slacking on my blogging too! And it's not even raining... ??

denise said...

Do people watch/check the weather anymore? I gave up on that long ago and often find myself wearing inappropriate foot attire or the wrong kinds of outerware.

Meghan said...

Aww. Don't be a sad clown! I bet you could drink those beer samplers indoors:)