Friday, June 4

i double dog dare you!

I was scratching my head today to figure out something awesome to write about today... and of course avoiding the things that I actually need to get done today. Well thank goodness the blog world passed me the Salt and gave me some inspiration... Thanks!!

The "challenge" comes in the form of posting my 5 favorite pics and then tell you 5 things about myself. And we all know I love how to talk about myself, otherwise this whole blog thing would be pretty pointless.

Ready?! OK! (in my best cheerleader voice)

Bad Mergentheim Germany, 2006
During my summer study abroad I met some awesome and insane people! These are two of them. This was our "going away party" evening, in which we set fire to a shopping cart. Classey I know... but we had TONS of class papers to get rid of, since we sure as shit weren't taking them home in our carry-on luggage (side note, when I flew home, I was dragging home so many goodies that my bag weighed over 70 pounds, and I had to pay 180Euros in extra baggage fees.) So this night we had a bonfire and since there was no fire pit, we used the shopping cart stolen from a local grocery store. SAFETY FIRST!!

Portland, Oregon, A's Bachelorette Party 2009 
Doesn't this seem like some sort of white trash advertisement for Bud Light? It makes me laugh every time I see it. I mean honestly, it pretty much sums up my friend A here. Pretty party dress, cig in her mouth, and boozing (although honestly she usually drinks PBR... she's one classey broad) This night was great, because it was the first and probably last time I sang karaoke. Hey, when the bride-to-be requests you sing Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive", you gotta do it. I gotta say, we brought down the house.

 Mt. St. Helens, Washington State, July 2009  
Myself and this gang of miscreants got the ridiculous notion to climb Mt. St. Helens. Granted, we had to buy tickets like 6 months in advance, but I think we had little to no idea what we were getting into. Oh, and by "we" I mean "me". My two pals on either side of me in this photo had done it before and said "It won't be too bad". Meanwhile I told them that I was really out of shape and that I might possibly die that day (and I nearly did, read about it here) But I've never honestly been more proud of myself after having completed the climb. YAY ME!

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, NY, 2008 
If you ever visit NyC I highly recommend walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. This is a pic of me and my bestie strolling across. Unfortunately this pic also makes me sad as she is now more like a former bestie, since she met some guy and has all but dropped off the face of the Earth. She's getting married and I'm not even sure if I'm invited to the wedding. We used to talk all the time (she lives in Toronto) and I think I've spoken to her about 3 times in almost a year and a half. So even thought this pic makes me sad (really, really sad) I try to remember all the good times we had together, and this pic was a good very time *sigh*  :)

Somewhere near Carson, Washington, Summer 2009
My friend and I went camping, and this was after we "found" some campfire wood and hauled it back to our campsite. I think this picture pretty much sums up that weekend. I believe the Facebook photo album was titled "65 beers and 2 lumberjacks". Yeah, we drank a lot. The two of us.

Okay, now 5 things I like about myself...
  1. I wear my heart of my sleeve. You will always know what kind of mood I'm in. Sometimes the only question is WHY am I so pissed off...
  2. I am a great friend. Wow, modesty much? HA! But really, I'm there for you at anytime. For anything. Loyal sometimes to a fault. Sometimes I do things for my friends (like sending cards for an example) and think... "Wow, I wish one of my friends would do this for me!" Yeah, I'm that awesome.
  3. I'm a Tomboy. Granted, as  I've gotten older I've begun to like the color pink and even embraced idea of wearing the occasional dress (its so breezy "down there" in the summer!). But I'll always love playing in the woods, camping, getting dirty, fishing, drinking beer, going to football games and knowing who won the last World Series (something Mr. Man doesn't even know).
  4. I like that I'm from Oregon. This concept never even popped into my brain until I lived on the East Coast. Don't get me wrong, I love it over there, and the people, but there's something about leaving home that makes you appreciate it that much more.
  5. I like that I can go to a movie by myself. Some people are horrified at the thought of going to a movie alone. When I moved to CT I didn't know anyone so if I wanted to see a movie, I had to fly solo. I love movies waaaay too much to wait for everything to come out on DVD!! And now that I'm back home, I love that I can go alone if I want. It means never having to find someone to see that horrible teeny-boppper/chick-flick movie that you secretly really want to see, but would never actually tell anyone that you want to see! (or movies you know you're going to CRY through the whole time and don't want people to see your Hot Mess of a self. I'm talking about you The Notebook!!)
Since this was officially a "challenge" Feel free to try this game yourself... if you dare! (I double-dog dare you!!)


Salt said...

OMG I LOVE IT! I love all of these pictures so much that I can't even pick which ones I think is the best one. Although the last one certainly is amazing! You have had many adventures!

I wear my heart on my sleeve too. I always think that is a great thing! And you seem like you would be an excellent friend, friend!

badheadday said...

65 beers and 2 lumberjacks was a spectacular slug free trip!

Stacie's Madness said...

great post.
and for some reason, I want a beer and cig now.

Anonymous said...

hhmmmmmmmmm...I don't think I can even find 5 pictures to write something about let alone answer questions about myself...someone will have to pester me big time to complete that challange.

PS: I do like the lumber jack should have titled it..I Am A Woman Hear Me Roar :-)

Heather said...

I like that you threw The Notebook in there as a go-alone type of movie because I definitely went and saw that one by myself when I was in high school. Haha. I LOVE seeing movies alone, I don't blame you. Ha. More popcorn for me!

MrsCaptKerk said...

I love that you see movies alone as well! I go sometimes, and apparently its weird.

We are not so different, you and I.

Mrs. Beer said...

I'm an awesome friend too... have yet to find someone equal to my friend awesomeness. Although, I think I'd like to be a part of your next trip, "143 beers and 3 lumberjacks" (I'm the third, get it?) Please?

Miel Abeille said...

Hello! Visiting from the Social Tea at Lady Bloggers!

Great challenge, this post tells me a lot about you.

Have a great day!

denise said...

You are a wonderful friend; hopefully I lived up to your standards. Movies by yourself is awesome :) And your adventures in 2009 were motivating - not that I did anything after reading about them...but I secretly hoped I'd have some amazing times like that. Keep it up!!!