Sunday, June 27

the hangover

 His name is Carlos.
Happy Sunday!

T'was a great weekend here in McGriddleville -- Including today's lovely hangover which woke me at approximately 8:30am (after finally going to bed at 3:30). The roommate and I had a great bbq at our place, so of course I started drinking around 6. I think I went from "buzzed" to "Holy-shit-I-can't-remember-my-name drunk" in about 2 minutes flat.

Did you know its not the best idea to have 4 beers on an empty stomach?

And then only eat one piece of chicken?

Surprise! See? You learn something new every day.

Just don't be shocked when you walk 2 miles home from the bar at midnight cause the beer your drinking suddenly looks revolting, and you think your forehead is about to make best friends with the tabletop.

Oh, and of course I didn't bring my keys, so I passed out on the porch swing for an hour and a half until my roommate got home from the bar. I guess I missed a great time because some really short, fat chick tried to start a fight with her, and apparently tried to use "You smell like a campfire" as an insult. Sorry little lady, but flattery will get you nowhere.

So anybooze, today has been a fun filled day of solid couch time, mostly consisting of research for my "Movie Madness Throwback Edition Part 2" with such gems as The Lost Boys and the original Clash of the Titans. Cinematic gold my friends. Gold!

For now, my pillow is calling to me.

P.S. Why do people insist on setting fireworks off early?!


Dr. MVM said...

Why do you insist on making me love you so much? ;o)

Ashton King said...

Getting home from the bar is always an adventure, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Nothing can help a beer induced hangover except maybe a 3 hr steam bath, lots of asprin and maybe a few gallons of water to flush the body.

MrsCaptKerk said...

Thinking about a hangover like this makes me sick. Godspeed my friend!

One Blonde Girl said...

Damn! You had a boozier weekend than I did! In my defense, I moved this weekend, and 100 degree weather + moving + hangover does not = a good time. I'm proud of your weekend adventures, but dismayed that you didn't stick around long enough for the fight. That would have been interesting to hear/read about.

LiLu said...

Bahahahah! God, I love you.

Crazy Brunette said...

Damn, I haven't seen Lost Boys in fucking FOREVER!!!!!

I need to watch it... Wonder if it's scare the kids??? LOL

Cathy said...

Beers on empty stomach=nooooot goooood. I should have told you that BEFORE the weekend. My bad.