Wednesday, October 28

cast be gone!

Oh heavens to Betsy, I feel so behind.

First off - let me say this - THE CAST BE GONE!! WOOOOoooO! I type this to you using all ten fingers (more or less). My finger is still broken, but the doctor is now letting me practice moving it around, which the instruction of "if it hurts, dont do it." Wow, I'm so glad I have you and your $100,000 education around to tell me the obvious.

After one day of movement, here's what we've got so far:

MY FIST! Hhahahaa. Well making a fist is the finished result, but I think this isn't too shabby. Getting some finger bending. Most of the time, it doesnt hurt, it just literally won't bend. Too stiff. Which is why Mr. MD wanted me to start moving it. Joints like to freeze up if you dont move them and keep them internally lubed up (so to speak).

Um, what else? Weekends have been pretty low key cause im running out of cash. Still no unemployment money to speak of YET, but I got a call today, and wheels are in motion. Lowe's has until Monday to dispute my discharge, which they won't. Then they can finally cut me a check. Yipee!! Then I will "officially" be on unemployment, after 4 glorious weeks.

Honestly, the leather arm chair is starting to get a permanent Anne shaped ass print. However I did finally today, sans cast, go for a run. A half-hearted jog/walk combo, but still fresh air and exercise nontheless.

Well its 4pm, and Law and ORder is finally on. Woo!! Perhaps some pumpkin carving tonight =)

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