Tuesday, November 3

FUBAR Finger


First and foremost, FUBAR means F*ed Up Beyond All Recognition. And my finger is FUBAR. I dont think it will ever be the same. Ever. It just makes me sad. *tear* I can't straighten it all the way, and I'm farrrrr from being able to make a fist. It is making progress, but it is definitely crooked. Crooked!! And it makes me very very sad, because I know that will never go away. Boo.

This is me straightening all my digits

It continues to curve like this when I bend it too :(

Now on to the weekend. And what a glorious and UNeventful weekend. Some people might enjoy a laid-back, relaxed weekend. But finding myself with laid-back, relaxed weekdays, I long for a bit more action come post-Friday.

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. And this year, it was....... lackluster. Granted, nothing going on means no drama, which in itself is always a good thing. Buuuuut, I didn't really celebrate my favorite holiday at all. Booooooo sad. No dressing up, unless you count a Duck fan. And that's enough to make me vomit. Scary huh?

Me and my cousin, the ├╝ber duck fan

Saturday was filled with college football, which is never a bad thing. My beavers won, barely, but weren't on tv. And I got to go to a lovely Duck game, in which they killed USC. That was quite a sight to see, but I really just couldn't get into the game. It just feels wrong to root for Oregon. I still had fun with friends and family, but a festive halloween it did not make.

Oregon fans rushing the field at Autzen stadium after beating USC 47-20

I hope all of you had a glorious weekend, and got to dress up, and ate lots and lots of candy!!

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