Monday, November 23

carry-on cravings

I get it. The airlines need to make more money. Bag check is no longer free. We are forced to carry and lug our baggage through the airport for sometimes hours on end. And yet, the bathroom stalls stay the same size.

Attempting to navigate the Phoenix airport I contemplated this. Have you been in this situation?

How are you expected to wheel your carry on bag in behind you, maneuver yourself around so you can shut the door, then re-maneuver yourself to the toilet to do your business??! There's just NO ROOM!

You aren't allowed to park your bag outside and therefore leave your bag "unattended" and yet its physically impossible to get the feat done without looking insane. I once parked my bag and stepped over it, and nearly fell into the bowl itself. That would have made for a lovely flight.

OH! And since when is Southwest first-come-first-served seating?!? It would have been nice if they had ANNOUNCED this fact. Grrrrr

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blog ladies said...

i 100% agree - as I travel often for work, and we must do carryon...I have no choice but to lug my luggage into the tiny stalls. Time to start writing complaint letters to the airports.