Wednesday, October 14

seattle's best 2; combover's revenge

This last weekend I voyaged on up north to Seattle for a wedding. I had a great time with my new beau Shaun and met lots of his friends. The wedding (an old childhood friend of his) was at getting hitched at this great little place right on the water, ceremony and reception at the same place. Breakfast/Brunch buffet was there and was delish! And.. what every wedding must have, OPEN BAR.

Here, I have chronicled my thoughts and musings from the celebration.
  • When exchanging vows, please, HOLD HANDS!
  • Father of the bride was rocking the most awesome comb over ever! I mean, guys, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE FOOLING?!? *sigh* Not at my wedding. We'll be checking for that at the door.
  • When allowed to wander my mind can be a hilarious thing. "... in the name of the Father, of The Son, and of the Holy Spigot--er-Spirit." Thanks Monty Python.
  • Wedding DJ's, please never play Queen's "We Will Rock You." First of all you can't dance to it. And secondly, what does that even mean? At a wedding?!?

Shaun is a little camera shy, this is the best I could get. :) And my finger is still wrapped in the super awesome cast/splint. Just went to the orthopaedist tues and took more x-rays (sans insurance) and was told 2 more weeks in the stupid thing. Boo.

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