Sunday, October 4

butter fingers

had another fun filled weekend!
Last friday we instituted flag football friday in the park. Just some pals from work, having a great time, being out of shape, and throwing a football, pretending to have skillz.

This friday was part deux only this time in the rain.

First play of the game (i shit you not) I go to pull a flag from a girl. thumb and index finger on the flag, ring ringer slides inside her pocket unbeknownst to me, and as I pulled the flag, my finger was caught in her pocket. BAM! Ouch! well, that stings a bit...

So as my finger began to swell, and ache, I thought... hmm... this sucks.

2 hours later, i cant bend or straighten my finger. LUCKILY I took my ring off about an hour earlier.

Of course I had plans to see zombieland, so I taped 'er up and went to see it. Which by the way, was an amazing movie. But back to the topic at hand...

Finally get to urgent care, right before they closed, and wouldn't you know it?

yup. Broken.

Also, went to a Uof O football game. Was lots of fun tailgating and hanging out with the family. Also went with my work crush Shaun. So much fun. Even if washington state was crushed. And I didn't wear yellow. Nope. Not at all. Nononono no. You cant prove anything.

I also discovered that my new phone takes AMAZING pictures! Like this one...

Now i must take another vicodin as i am tired of peck typing with that claw of a hand pictured above. ;)

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