Monday, November 22


Waaaaay too late to be polite... here's a list of questions and answers from the New German Girl (P.S. I love her, if you haven't read her, you must must MUST!)

1. If you could give your readers one piece of advice, what would it be?
 Write for yourself. You're never going to make everyone happy. I started my blog to keep friends and family posted on my life, without having to send out mass emails. Obviously its evolved a bit since then, but I still write for myself. Post as often as I like, about things that I like. Its the best way you'll stick with it, and honestly earn more readers because you're being who you really are as opposed to being a phoney boloney.

2. Name the three things that you love the most about your life.
--I love getting paid to do nothing (ahhhhhh the beauty of unemployment insurance)
--I know someone everywhere. Having lived around the country, I can find someone to get a beer with, or crash on their couch, in nearly every state!
--I have good looks AND personality. Whoop!!

3. If you could switch places with any one of your friends or family members for one day, who would you choose and why?
I honestly like my life as is (most days) and wouldn't switch my life with anyone's! Cheesey? Who cares! :)

4. What is one trend that you wish didn’t exist or that had never caught on?
 I can only pick one?! Today, I'd say jeggings. I'm sorry. Wear skinny jeans. Wear leggings. Jeggings are just hybrid idiot looking pants.

5. Name three inventions you consider to be ingenious.
fermentation (beer... DUH!)
the internet (Thanks Al Gore!!)

6. At your funeral, you want people to remember you as…
 Fun loving, caring and loyal. I have no spouse or children, so my brother gets my life insurance, and the instructions are to have a giant party, in my honor. Wake style. Lots of booze, food, music, telling awesome Anne stories.

7. If you could be famous, what would you like to be famous for and what celebrities would be in your posse?
Being Awesome.
The cast of How I Met Your Mother and Betty White. That's how we roll.

8. If you were going to host a blogger house party which bloggers would you invite and what would go down?
Well most house parties I have include Beer Pong (we play the Beruit Version) and Guitar Hero. My guest list would include:
Heather @ Boyfriend Challenged
Jon @ 1000 Tiny Things I Hate
All the Guys @ American Drink
Ashley @ One Crazy Brunette Chick
Sofia @ The Brewery
The Faux Trixie @ The Faux Trixie


Heather said...

You do know that the New German Girl and Heather at Boyfriend Challenged are both me, right? haha. Because I like how I recommended the questions from one blog and got invited to your blogger party from another. Just checking...


P.S. When's this beer pong game? I'm in!

Dr. MVM said...

So, I didn't make the party grade huh. Oh well, somehow I'll trudge on.