Monday, November 1

my dear bloggy friends

Hello to everyone still actually reading my bloggaroo.

I swear I haven't forgotten you. I've just been SO BUSY these last few weeks, I feel like I'm running around with my head cut off. I'll probably be pretty absent for another 2 or 3.

In a nut shell, my aunt passed away (thanks to all of you who wished me well, it means a lot). Besides that we have her house to go through and clean out. The really sucky part is that my grandparents built it in the 40's, one of my aunt's moved back in 2000, who passed away 7 years ago, when this aunt moved in. Well, when grandma passed away,  nobody went through the house. So now, essentially there's 3 people worth of stuff to go through. 80% of it is just pure garbage that for one reason or another my grandma never got rid of. And my aunt who just recently passed, hasn't bought or used any cleaning products since my grandma died. So its messy, dirty, smelly (my aunt's dogs were apparently never taught how to use the dog door) and cluttered. If we're friends on facebook you may have seen this post:

4 waffle irons, 3 electric skillets, 2 blenders, one blender bottom with no pitcher, 6 pots with no lids, 9 lids with no pots, 5 ice cream scoopers, and 5 different sets of silverware. But funny, all the tupperware (and I mean OLD SKOOL tupperware) all have matching lids, no extras. Weird.

And that's just the kitchen. You get the idea.

So I've been busy. And being the only unemployed person in the ranks, have gotten the messy task of sorting and cleaning. Its all okay though, I really don't mind, its for the family, and my parents do technically own the house now, so its for them too. Its just really exhausting.

Yesterday, Halloween, I took the day off just for my own sanity. The weekend was filled with the memorial, more cleaning, and lots of family time. Some people picked up their "stuff" from the house, and some just set it aside, needing  to get their pickups.

SO. This week will be filled with more of the same. NEXT weekend will be the Estate Sale, all proceeds going towards NEW CARPETS, so when I move in (wheeeeee) it won't reek. I'm excited and surviving, but just wanted to stop by and let everyone know I hadn't forgotten any of you.

Love you bunches my friends,

And happy November!! :)


Cathy said...

Thinking of you in your time of loss. As exhausting as it is, I'm sure your family is thankful that you are able to help so much. Do what you have to do, blogland isn't going anywhere.

cornflakegirl74 said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss but I think it's a great thing that you're doing and I'm sure your family appreciates all the help during this time.

I come from a family of hoarders so I know all about the pots with no lids and non-functioning electrical appliances. It's a daunting task to clean out, that's for sure.

Stopping in today via Studio Thirty +. Congrats on being the featured blogger this week!