Tuesday, February 8


Wooooo! I love awards! Although this thank you TWO WEEKS LATE (I Suck!) its still genuine. THANK YOU!!! I got this little goodie from The Tame One @ Thoughts of an Oxymoron.

I'm going to try not to judge too much regarding the title of this award, as I have SERIOUS issues with the term/phrase "LOL" so I'll just move quickly past that.

I'm really awful at coming up with NEW "things you don't know about me", and honestly the main reason I'm doing this is because I love getting the chance to bestow awards on my favorite bloggers, and exposing the rest of you on some hidden blogosphere jems. Shit, every time I see someone doing this I read every single one of the new bloggers and check them out! So I hope you do too.

Onward! So, 7 things about me...
  1. I HATE NICKELBACK!! Freaking pseudo-hard-rock! Awful. Pitiful. Painful. Just say no!!
  2. I tell everyone that I hate Valentine's day, but really, I'm a hopeless romantic. I would love it if Mr. Man brought me flowers and chocolates for the VD. Or read me a poem. Or even made me a mix tape! *gush*
  3. I love love spicy food. Hotter the better. I guess that isn't very interesting, but maybe you didn't know it. Jalapenos, FOR THE WIN!
  4. I never dream when I sleep. Almost ever. On the rare occasion when I do, it inevitably is one of those dreams where my teeth are falling out (a symbol of powerlessness), or I'm trying to get away from something and running in slow motion (feeling helpless, lack of full control). Paging Dr. Freud!!
  5. I've been in a german beer ad. THREE TIMES. Its kind of a long story, but basically when I was studying abroad, my friends and I were at a "Beer Tapping" ceremony and someone took a picture of us. It ended up in the brewery's annual calendar the following year. (Awesome!) Then the same picture ran in another ad for the brewery during the European Cup. (Sah-weet!) And finally the next year there was a freaking billboard in the center of town, again with the same picture! Luckily a friend was still in town and sent us all a calendar, and I was in town visiting friends the year the magazine ad came out. I totally never saw the billboard, but someone took a picture and tagged me on facebook. So crazy and awesome, but to this day, I still have received no beer as compensation for the use of my likeness. DAMMIT!!
  6. This is the magazine ad -- I'm second from the left (obvs)
  7. I love to eat my bananas green. None of that brown and bruised shit.
  8. My favorite scent and flower in the whole wide world is lavender. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I have like a gagillion post cards of lavender fields from when I was in france. I so love the smell and look of dried bouquets too. I have a ton of lotion and soap too. Its always gotta be lavender. BUT -- not that fake lavender smell. Its gotta be authentic lavender or no dice.
And now 7 awesome homies that I will bestow this amazing honor upon.  A few of these are new (to me) blogs that I've been enjoying reading, and you should too. Here ya go! Now go to their blogs immediately!!
  1. Brandon and Bryan over @ A Beer for the Shower They are my beer soul mates.
  2. Smooches @ Cruel Smooches, who shares her hilarious exploits in online dating
  3. Erin @ Musings of a Mad Woman, seriously insane and funny shit there
  4. Bird Shit and Baby Caca (I swear, those are their names!) @ The Two Twins
  5. Man-Shopper @ Man Shopping in Paris You wouldn't believe how funny dating in a foreign language can be!
  6. Kaleena @ Just Add Kaleena Super smart, sweet and funny gal.
  7. Denise @ Blah Blah Blah, cause she just had her first hickey since HIGH SCHOOL!
Thanks again!! And happy reading!


    Kaleena J. said...

    hey thank you! :) also, after reading your facts, we have a lot in common. mostly the hate towards nickelback and spicy food. and your thoughts and feelings towards valentines day.

    Anonymous said...

    congrads on the award and yes yopur man should buy you something that inspires you for VD :-)

    Heather (Such a Lovely Girl) said...

    I swear I've seen that beer ad before in Munich. Or maybe I just wish I had. Haha. AWESOME.

    MrsCaptKerk said...

    I'm not sure why Nickelback is famous. I don't know anyone who likes them.

    Baby Sister said...

    Congrats. :) I agree about v-day...

    Dr. Monkey said...

    You just became my hero for being a German beer ad.

    denise said...

    Thanks for the award...looking forward to checking out the other blogs.
    I LOVE spicy food too...and feel the same about vday.

    Erin said...

    Whuuuuuut? Just saw this! Why, thank you! You've just given me my blog topic for Thursday. :-) Also, I share your hatred for Nickelback. As I'm fond of saying, I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.

    Mrs. Beer said...


    That is all.