Tuesday, September 21

random shizz tuesday

HEY!!! Finally! Some Random Shizzz!
Serenity Now!! Insanity Later...

I'm going to Denver!
Ahhh, the sunshine state! Anyone? Dumb and Dumber? Anyone? No? Okay.
So excited! Just a random trip with my friend Denise. "Wanna go to Denver?" Ummm YEAH!! Should be fun times! She's got a lot of great ideas of what to do... National Parks... Sight Seeing... Random fun trips... And me? What do I want to do?
ohhhh snap. all those little red dots? pure heaven.
My Roommate's 11 year old daughter has been possessed by Satan. Literally. Sweet Jesus. She stomps and slams doors, screams, yells, stomps some more. seriously. And tonight's performance did not disappoint. Tonight... while Mr. Man and I were watching some How I Met Your Mother, she decided she didn't want to go to bed, and we were treated to nearly 45 minutes of pre-teen psychoticness. Tonight, she slammed her bedroom door, for the last time
please note there is no door knob in that door... she lost that weeks ago
I started a book club! Tomorrow is our second meeting. I'm very excited out it. I'm hoping to make friends some lovely ladies in my area who aren't married or have kids, like most of my friends now. Our first book was The Wednesday Sisters, but it wasn't that good. 
 Hoping the next one we pick is better. But either way its fun!! If you've never used MeetUp.Com you should check it out. Its really cool, and not a dating website, like it sounds like *wink* Its great for finding people who like to hike, or golf, or have start a book club, or whatever!!

Catch you on the flip side!!


denise said...

YEH! So proud of you for starting a bookclub!! I hope you meet a few nice ladies.

I can't believe in a month we will be in Colorado. :) I am looking forward to trying some of those breweries.

Seriously, you didn't watch HIMYM on MONDAY??

Salt said...

I want to go to Denver! And breweries! I love both of those things!

Ed said...

I love Colorado.