Thursday, September 16

Paulina Oregon, google that shit

we found a kitty.

we named her Bart.

do you know who her mommy is?

in the mean time...

i'm helping my cousin move.

to middle of nowhere.

no cell service. no internet connection.

beautiful country.

back soon.

miss you all!



Salt said...

Have fun! It looks so beautiful where your cousin is moving, but I could never live anywhere that rural. I wither away when I leave the city.

That kitty is SO CUTE!

Lisa said...

Cute kitty!! She's a calico, so look out-she's gonna get an attitude! :)

MrsCaptKerk said...

awww pussercats! I wuv her!

Have fun helping someone to move. I would offer to help when it comes along, but I have this rule about manual labor....I don't do it.