Saturday, October 9

brain puddy

I seriously think facebook has ruined me for blogging.

I have been having a really hard time writing blogs recently. I'll hit the "New Post" button, and stare at a blank screen for 20 minutes, and then log off. WTF? I can usually think of 93,495 things through out the day to post, but can't even seem to verbalize them when I get here. I've also been really really bad about reading my bloggy pal's posts. Its nothing personal mind you, but I've just not been feeling it. I'll get about 2 sentences in and click away. WTF! Is that weird? Today I think I figured out why.

Stupid facebook lets me read statuses, articles and whatever in about 3 seconds, all in one single page. I can comment and move on the the next post with ease. Am I getting too lazy for blogging? Please God say it ain't so.

I'm going to try to be more diligent about my blog reading. My friends deserve better than that! :) I think that the lack of stimulation in my life is causing my brain to go soft. Not working has made me so unbelievably brain dead its scaring me. SOOOOoooo

Less internet time! NO WAIT! This is a good thing! Usually I watch movies or TV with my laptop on my lap the whole time. I spend way too much time dicking around on the internet that I really don't need to. So now, its quality internet time only. Like quality family time, but with my blog friends! Hahaa! I'm also going to try to read more books, and IF I'm still unemployed this winter I'm going to take some classes at the local community college to raise up my GPA in case someday I ever decide to go to grad school. At this point my GPA is a little low... so a little help wouldn't hurt. Right?!

I guess the changing seasons are making me rethink a lot of my life decisions thus far. Its fall, so time to turn over a new leaf!


Crazy Brunette said...

I just got back... Dont give up bitch!

Heather said...

Tagged you in a blog game! <3

KaelaQLC said...

I go through the same thing. I used to have to carry a notebook around with me I had so many ideas for blogging. Now I'm like Ummmmm....I think I'll just write about Project Runway. Stick with it, it will come back to you. And if you don't have anything to say - take a break!