Thursday, October 7

dear high school self

Dear High School Self,

Life is tough, and I have some words of advice for you.

You will lose friends. But you will gain friends. It is not the end of the world. Stay true to yourself, stand up for yourself and don't fret when someone chooses to no longer be your friend.

Stop eating pizza pockets for lunch! Its bad for you, and one day, your metabolism will catch up with you!

Don't go to community college. You got accepted into Oregon State. GO THERE! Just because your BFF didn't get in, doesn't mean you can't go to different schools. You will waste 5 years of your life, and miss out on many awesome experiences by not going there. You're gonna end up there anyway, just save yourself some time and money.

Be nicer to your mom. She's actually really smart, and knows what she's talking about. She gives good advice and really knows how to listen and make you feel better, if you let her. Once you get older, you won't know what you'll do without her.

Don't steal your cousin's car. She will find out. And you're lucky you didn't get into bigger trouble for that, you big dumby.

Please wear sunscreen and don’t tan. It really does cause wrinkles.

Please for the love of God, stop perming your hair. Its straight, deal with it. Also, giant hair-sprayed bangs don't look good, Sun-In is not good for your hair, and don't use baby oil on your skin in the sun.

Don't date DH, SC or CB. Trust me. You'll never fully recover your trust or innocence and will have many self-esteem issues for years after.

It is not the end of the world that you did not make the basketball team. You should however, play on the soccer team. Not only are those girls really nice (hindsight is always 20/20) but you'll be in great shape and learn valuable skills that may actually pay off in the future.

Pay attention in English lit. You do need vocabulary and grammar. However, you were right - you DO NOT NEED Geometry. Ever.

More than anything - love life!!



Crazy Brunette said...

Everybody wants to date me bitch!!!!

I loved this post, if we only knew then what we know now... Fuck. It depresses me!

Salt said...

What a fantastic idea for a post. I LOVE it.
Oh if I could tell myself back then which total losers to stay away from.

I did kind of end up needing geometry. Algebra, not so much.

rbcp said...

Geometry is useful when playing pool at the bar. Best skill I ever learned! :)

The Faux Trixie said...

If I ever have a daughter (shudder), I'm showing her this post.

Lisa said...

You are correct, geometry is useless. :)

Meghan said...

I love love love this letter! And AMEN to the lack of geometry!

KaelaQLC said...

LOVE this. I might have to write a letter to my high school self!