Thursday, November 3

'tis NOT the christmas season YET!

OH jeez! I'm going to try to spare you my rant about how November 1st (let alone October 22nd) is



I personally consider the week of Thanksgiving the "beginning of the Christmas season".

And no, I'm not going to admit that I already bought a 3,483 square foot roll of double sided wrapping paper at Costco...

No, its November so that means its, time to give Thanks! This year, being clever, or having stolen an idea from some magazine or blog, I'm going to write Thank You notes to people that I'm thankful for.

I figure a personalized note is much more genuine than the "What I'm Thankful For This Year" round table, listening to your family, while salivating over a pile of mashed potatoes and turkey.

I'm currently compiling a list of friends and family to whom I wish to write. I'm normally not very good at expressing emotions verbally, so I'm hoping I can get all kinds of heartfelt and sappy (see? sarcasm comes out YET AGAIN, dammit) in a note.

I thought this was a very cute idea, and am excited to get down writing a few.

Feel free to steal this idea! I love it. Kinda reminds me of the Golden Girls "Thank You For Being A Friend...."


Coyote Rose said...

You had me to until the twilight stuff at the end. But I am so tired of Christmas starting right after Halloween. Give the damn turkey its due!

the Tsaritsa said...

The Christmas season is entirely too long. I really don't like seeing Christmas trees everywhere when I should still be seeing pumpkins. They could at least wait until after Halloween!

Baby Sister said...

That's a cute idea. I'll have to do that. :)

Yay for Breaking Dawn!! :D :D

A Beer for the Shower said...

I'm not very good at being sappy, but as a writer, you'd better believe I can fake it.

Also, I don't mean to ruin the ending of the movie for you, but Bella has an abortion and Edward and Jacob realize their love for each other. Just thought you should know so you don't have to waste your $10 at the theater.

Remember, that money just goes towards Kristen Stewart's acting career, and we don't really want to support that, do we?