Monday, August 16

will & grace

The first time I met my Will I knew we'd be BFF's.

We were working together at Hollywood Video (my 4th tenure there). We had an initial introduction, but my manager quickly left and we were together for the evening. We didn't talk too much at first, just general video store chit chat.

Later in the evening, I was out on the floor straightening. Out of nowhere,  Will came running up and scared the SHIT out of me.

Will: "Hey! Do you ever wear pea coats?"

Me: "Umm, sometimes." (I thinks, where the fuck is this going?)

Will:" You should get one in Burgundy!! It would look great on you!"

And then he ran off. I was left standing there, dumbfounded. And then I thought to myself, "Hmmmm... What a weirdo! I love him!!"

Drinking before work. Oh yeah.
The first time I met my Grace we were working at that shit-tastic job of mine, at Hollywood Video. My retarded boss Travis was leaving (as usual) early, and barely said two words to either of us as he ran out the door. She said something totally bitchy about Travis and I thought, "Wow! She's so bitchy! We are sooo going to be best friends."

On our way to drink after work. Oh yeah.
And now my bestest is coming for a visit!

"Hey, lets get some Wine Coolers!!"
FINALLY!! Its been 14 months since he moved his ass to Arizona, and almost 10 months since I've seen him!!!

Yes, that is indeed a women's shirt.
He's my Will Truman and I'm his Grace Adler (literally he's in my phone as Will Truman) Me, the sassy red head (strawberry blonde, whatevs) and he, the witty and hilarious gay man (although not an attorney, he's incredibly smart)

It literally took us 37 times to get a good pic. And there's still a thumb in the shot.

And he'll be here Labor Day Weekend!!
I Can't wait!!


Vittoria said...

john? ehem, will? ;)

i love that you have a will. i do not. i feel as though this means my life is lacking.

Salt said...

You guys look like trouble. I love it!
Have fun with your friend. Clearly you are going to. He sounds hilarious!

Stacie's Madness said...

have a great time with your Will!

Will said...

Best blog, ever. ;)