Sunday, December 19

may "the force" sleep next to you

Check out my super awesome Star Wars bedside table I made for my bro for Christmas. I'm so proud of my efforts I felt the need to share!

Vader drawers

don't judge my unfinished hardwood floors...
All it took was 4 old Star Wars posters, a used bedside table and a bottle of Mod Podge (the most versatile crafty stuff ever!)
  1. Clean your table. 
  2. Fit and cut your posters to where you'd like to place them. 
  3. Dip posters in the sink so they're damp. This helps them adhere flat, and causes less bubbling (think applying wallpaper)
  4. Use a small paint brush and apply Mod Podge to the surface, lay down and arrange your picture. 
  5. Press out air bubbles with damp wash cloth. 
  6. Apply a generous top coat of Mod Podge (don't worry, it dries clear). 
  7. Apply 2-4 more coats. Et, voilà! Très jolie!
This was such a super easy project! It took less than an hour. If you try this, I highly recommend using a table that has straight, squared edges. And use a razor blade instead of "trimming" with scissors. I messed up a few times cause my paper stretched a little bit once wet and pressed flat. I didn't follow the rule of "measure twice, cut once". Doh!

What's really funny is that his wife actually was the one who asked for a bed side table for Christmas. Too bad I had this planned out before I got her list!! O.o


Geof said...

Whether it took one hours or ten, that is a great gift! I like the picture selections too. Your brother is lucky!

That Ain't Kosher said...

That is fucking amazing. I wish I had your carpentry skils, but I usually just order stuff because I'm special like that.

MrsCaptKerk said...

I would pay you to make me one. I would give my first born if you feel so inclined to have one!

Anonymous said...

That table is FANTASTIC! I am amazed and jealous. Very, very jealous.

denise said...

Fabulous! What a great idea!!

Ed said...


My 11 year old Star Wars freak would love that.

Lisa said...

That is fantastic! And I can never let my husband see it, because he will demand I make him one...

Cathy said...




Best sister ever. No doubt.