Wednesday, December 22

best thirty seconds of my life!

Hey! I know that posting videos is a pretty lame way of keeping "up to date" on a blog. However -- I literally just can't stop listening to this!!! The last 132 views are mine. Andy Sandberg is hubba hubba!! I love The Lonely Island!!

oh yeah... that's Jessica Alba... and Blake Lively.

"So this one's dedicated to them girls 
who let us flop around on top of them!!" 

Yup... That's us ladies. You know we let them flop all over us. And back again. And we love it. Dammit!

Oh and, I just spent the last hour showing my mom all the Lonely Island videos including "I'm on a Boat" "Mother Lover" and "Jizz in my Pants" (Um HELLOOOOOOOOOO! Where have you been?!)

P.S. She likes "I'm on a boat" the best!

If you're not feeling Christmas-ey enough... enjoy this Dan-Band action... dedicated to my dearest fan "Anonymous" Jess:

I ♥ them too!

Merry Frickin Christmas Y'all!!


Ed said...

Merry Christmas!

That Ain't Kosher said...

So he means... this is dedicated to every girl in the world, then.

CB said...

I fucking MISSED your face bitch!!!!

Love you!!!!

"Seattle" Heather said...

OH MY F'ING GOD! I haven't laughed that harrrrrrrrrrrrrd in a long time! That was so funny. I love the one; "I'm on a boat" these are great! Thanks McGrid for making my morning!