Tuesday, January 15

coffee understands

First of all I want to thank all my faithful readers who are still here with me.

And by faithful, I really mean, dependable, dutiful, diligent and just down right awesome. I'm pretty sure I posted like 3 blogs in all of 2012 and I know I've been slacking. To be honest, when my little baby of a blog was started I was unemployed. And over the two years of unemployment I had LOADS of time to write to my hearts content. 18 hours of couch time a day will do that for a gal.

 Anyway... Quick catch up.

My life at Sunnyside Up
I still work at L'Restaurant, managing and serving. 

But now I also manage a coffee shop in town
       (and boy do I have some stories to tell you). 

So two jobs, 
live-in boyfriend, 
book club, 
spending time with friends. 

Yeah, you can see how I've been a little lost to the blog world. 

Mr. Man and I will be celebrating three years in February!
And of course now I'm super addicted to Pinterest, so any free time I may have in the mornings and I'm planning "My Imaginary Wedding"or dinner recipes made with beer
 or which new tattoo to get. 

But I digress... 
Life is good, just very very busy.
And I love and miss you all.

And am stalking a few of you on pinterest and instagram, Muahahahaaa!
And I've downloaded the mobile Blogger app so I can post some shiz for y'all more often... 
you know... 
when I'm standing around at the coffee shop at
6 (SIX!!) am... 
waiting for the rest of the city to wake up and come and get some coffee.

So I will leave you with this:

This. Actually. Exists.

This was the best White Elephant gift ever. 
I'm thinking of going on Amazon and buying twenty-something copies.

Here are a few excerpts:

Keepin' it classy

mixin' it up

As much ranch dressing as I want???!! Yes. Please.


Finally, a recipe I can actually use.

Come and get it!

 McGriddle Pants


Baby Sister said...

Congrats on 3 years. That is awesome. :) I love that coffee sign. So funny!!

Shelly said...

I need that cook book asap.