Thursday, April 29

scale be damned!

What the fuck exercise? Seriously? Why have you failed me so?!

For the last 3 weeks I've been working out for about an hour a day (this includes weight training) for about 4 days a week. What is really pissing me off is, for the last fucking week, I've been GAINING a pound a day! I shit you not! I'm so irriated at this, and of course have stopped getting on the scale... but really?! Man oh man, nothing deters you from going to the gymnasium like packing ON pounds when you're trying to be good.
Now I havn't been "super" dieting or anything. My goal honestly is to get healthier, and to fit into my favorite pants, not to necessarily be lighter. Well, I guess I have to work on the diet too, fuckers! Ahhhh well, shoulda known it would come to this.
Basically I've been putting on weight for about a year now. Slowly but surely. The unemployment really didn't help matters either. Sitting on the couch for roughly 6-7 hours a day is horrible for the metabolism. I try to get out, and as I said before, exercise. That's why I spend usually an hour a day, as opposed to the "doctor recommended 30-40 minutes". Whatevs. Stupid metabolism.
I've cut a few things out of my diet entirely (for now):
  • No more french fries until the scale starts to cooperate. NONE! *sigh*
  • No more soda either. This includes diet. I don't need that much sodium or sugar.
  • No eating after 8pm
That's about as far as my "dieting" goes. Except severely increase the intake of fruits and veggies, decreasing the red meat and other obviously fattening foods. (reading labels people!)
I have a few other inspirations to help me. I've been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on Its CRAZY! I love what he's doing! (In a nutshell, he's a famous chef, who has gone to America's "fattest and unhealthiest" city Huntington West Virginia, and is teaching people how to be healthier, cook for themselves, and make them all around smarter about their food habits) Its really startling to see how little some people know about actual nutrition or how horrendous the school lunch system is. Really check it out!
I also just watched the movie Food Inc.

Wow. Wow. Wow. All I can say is watch it. You'll never look at your food the same way again. Let me prefact this by saysing it isn't full of PETA videos showing cruelty to animals. I didn't have any "look away" moments. Its just extremely inforative about the status of our food industry (meat and vegetable), and how a few large corporations are really the ones in charge of everything. Now, I'm no conspiracy nut or anything, but the basic message I took away was, BUY LOCAL, and ORGANIC. And I may never eat a hamburger again. Add it to your NetFlix queue!

Finally I'm reading a book called "French Women Don't Get Fat."
I actually read a different book from this author, and I didn't realize it was her who wrote this particular book. I've picked up this one at Borders on several occasions, but just never purchased it for one reason or another. But this time I checked it out from the library and am really enjoying it. The author has some great ideas, all from personal experience, about changing the way you think about the way you eat, while still enjoying the things you love. Moderation, moderation. Right? But she includes lots of great little recipes and stories to drive the point home. And really... has anyone seen a fat French woman? Non!
Do you have any other ideas or tips? How do you stay motivated?


"Seattle" Heather said...

Cut out all fast food. And watch your portions...don't go back for seconds! Make sure you switched to non fat milk too!

Cathy said...

Food revolution is crazy! and I will add Food Inc to my netflix, I've heard a few people say it's very interesting.

Could you be gaining muscle weight?

TimothyPeacock said...

Anne, I actually saw the majority of Food, Inc. while (ironically enough) at the gym one night. I thought that it was interesting, especially the legislation surrounding defamation of food companies, but it did have a slant to it that I didn't much care for. Anytime I hear someone say "It's wrong that a bag of potato chips is more expensive than a pound of carrots. Let's fix that." I get a little sick to my stomach because I absolutely do not trust "health zealots" out there any farther than I can throw them and question their motives and tactics. But that point aside, while a lot of things in that video were gross and disgusting by any standard, I think the main reason is because we short change how resilient our own bodies really are. In spite of those conditions, I think anyone would have to agree that the food we eat is remarkably safe given how little we collectively get sick from it. Just my thought... And how ironic is it that a line caught mackeral in the middle of the ocean cannot be considered "organic" because it can't be proven that the makeral has only eaten organic foods?

As for your diet, and to conclude this chaper, check out The Every Other Day Diet. It's really easy to follow, intuitive, and it absolutely works, A-number's honor.

MrsCaptKerk said...

I eat by color. (I guess I'm a racist eater?) I eat a lot of dark greens, reds, oranges, purple. It also has to be fresh. Mind you, almost everything I eat comes from the produce aisle. For meat, I eat a lot of chicken and salmon.

I also allow myself one day a week where I eat what I want. (Fat Friday) Even then, when you're so good all week, you feel guilty being too bad.

Anyway, that's my tip.

My motivation is I used to be about 40 lbs heavier. I threw out all my fat clothes, and I can't afford a new wardrobe.

Also! Go for a skip outside! Its lovely!

Crazy Brunette said...

Oh shit dude!

Well, I've heard that 'Skinny Bitch' book is a badass book to read if you want to lose weight.

Maybe it's all muscle chick! Just think about it like that!

Karls said...

Dude! Weight is soooo depressing. I'm an avid exercises and the unfortunate part is it's about 80% diet (weight gain/loss/etc). Bad news is.. I fucking love my food - and beer!

Lisa said...

If it makes you feel any better (and it may not), muscle weighs 8 times more than fat! So...possibly your weight training is just making tons of muscle! Here's hoping, right? And I wish I were as motivated as you to get to the gym...haven't been in forever, and I'm starting to feel like a slug!

denise said...

Muscle weighs more than this is probably a good sign. More muscle = burn more fat, eventually. I am not one to talk - for the last 4 weeks I've cut my calories in half and have only lost 1 lb. Granted I don't really exercise, but still changing the way you eat should help make a difference. OH, and beer isn’t good for you!!! But it is great you are exercsing! I heard that Food Inc movie was good, just was talking about it last night.

Ed said...

Don't trust scales. Stick with it. Just like Rob Schnieder said in Waterboy, "You can do it."

Aunt Juicebox said...

I've got Food Inc in my queue and I very nearly watched it this morning actually! But I was afraid it would ruin my lunch, so now I'm going to watch it tonight or maybe tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

If you are doing strength training, stop weighing and start measuring. Number one thing my trainer taught me. It's not about weight, it's about BMI, or Body Mass Index. Second, don''t diet, find a healthy eating style that will work for you. Not a good short term weight loss plan. Because once you finish losing weight, you will start eating like you used to and hey, guess what, you will regain the weight you lost. Simple enough, but that is the problem dieters have that trips them up. Last, what motivates me is my friggin mirror. I love looking in my mirror and seeing definition in my arms, abs, ass. Places that used to just be, ya know, fluff. LOL It really doesn't take more than 4 weeks for a woman who is working out as much as you are to start seeing noticeable differences.

Wicked Shawn

aladdinsane12 said...

i'm sure people have probably said this to you before, but you're probably gaining muscle, hence the extra weight. i haven't seen Food Inc. yet- i'm kind of scared that if i see it, i'll have to change my whole way of living/eating. i'd kinda rather be in a state of ignorant bliss!