Monday, January 24

mama wants to fit into her skinny jeans!!

Hello dear readers!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I did. My book club got together for a board game night and has a blast! Book club? Board games? Nerdy? Some may say yes. Hells yes!! :)

Anywhoodle. The point of today is thus:

I've started another blog. Its different than this one, so no need to reset your Google Readers to another website or change your favorites. I'm starting on a weight loss journey. I can't believe I just said "weight loss journey". Who am I?! Anyway, I read somewhere that blogging about your *cough* journey, can help you "stick to it", and be more accountable. Sounds good to me!

So -- if this interests you at all, feel free to check it out! Its the same old me, funny & sarcastic... just talking about food and exercise. I won't be sad if the sound of this bores you. It honestly kinda bores me too. But I'm tired of being a fatty. If anyone wants to head on over I'd really appreciate your support! If not, no hard feelings :) I still heart all of your faces.

Back to the usual, come tomorrow! Peace out!


"Seattle" Heather said... I blind? Or is there seriously no date stamp on any of your entries? :) I think I'm lost in all the beer bubbles! I likey. But back to the subject at hand, good for you on your journey. I'm still in denial. Well I know I'm fat, that part I'm not denaying. I'm just denaying that it isn't going to magically disappear.

Kaleena J. said...

Oh what?? I wish I could be in a book club, I can't find any around my area. :(

denise said...

Good Luck, I look forward to hearing about it...I need to do something too.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your journey !!! Oh by the way...boring is doing nothing..board games and book club is doing something :-)

CB said...

I totally would love to rock my shot in a book club and kick some ass at Scabble!!!

What's you decide about the job hooker?

You'll do great on the 'weight loss journey' (retarded slut!!!)