Tuesday, January 4

random shizz tuesday 2011!!

Serenity Now!! Insanity Later...
I've missed you all! I swear! I'm trying to get more motivated to write witty things for you... but some days... I just got nothin. I'll work on it. I swear.

Resolutions for this year:
  1. Lose weight (duh, isn't everyone doing that?!) 
  2. Read all the books for my book club. Yes, I started the book club, and I've only actually finished 3 of them. (we've read about 9 now...)
  3. Cut out all fast food. No, subway doesn't count, that's still okay.
  4. Donate blood. I mean sweet Jesus, I don't even know what my blood type is. What if I have that rare "I could save the whole planet" rare blood. Talk about selfish!!
  5. Get. A. Job. Amen!!
Pajama jeans?!  Really?! What. The. Fuck. 
Have you seen this shit? Its pure insanity. This is the end of our society. Pajamas, made to look like jeans. I'm not entirely sure how they differ from jeggings, but apparently they do. Cause they have their own informercial. Its bad enough I have to go to Target and see people in their actual pajamas, but now they'll be pretending to be "dressed" too?! Plus, like the dreaded jeggings, the only people wearing them will be big-fat-fatties.

I just watched an episode of Hoarders where the woman hoarded chickens.


Dr. MVM said...

I can't watch Hoarders, it's too sad for my tastes.

Ed said...

I can't wait until the summer when I can wear my Jeanshort Boxers.

Anonymous said...

I saw that episode of Hoarders last night...ruined my stomach to then watch Anthony Bourdain which totally bummed me out.

Everytime I see the PJ commerical I say...how much are they paying those gals to wiggle their tushies like they have a bad weggie ???...lol

Brad Carter said...

My daughter's been wearing pajama jeans to school for over a year now. I don't think she even owns any real jeans anymore.

Hey Anne, if you ever want someone to donate blood with you, give me a call. The cookies are awesome!

CB said...

I'll stick to my Christmas Jammie pants that say 'Ho Ho Ho' on them thank you very much! How retarded!!!!!

The fuck are you making resolutions for?? You're crazy, I never make them bc I know I won't keep the fuckers!!!

One Blonde Girl said...

Best of luck with your resolutions! Especially the job thing! Also, Hoarders makes me sad for the world. Really, really sad.

MrsCaptKerk said...

Let's not be dissing the PJ jeans. Girlfriend wants some!