Thursday, January 27

another day, another beer, another hangover

woah woah woah.

Beer and wine definitely don't mix.

Don't get me wrong, I had SO MUCH FUN last night, but today, well, lets just say that I woke up still drunk, and finally started functioning at 4pm. Woo!

So, since my brain is moving slowly, and I'm waiting for the pizza to cook (YUM! Best for hangovers, seriously.) Just a few thoughts.

 This is totally my new favorite beer of the moment. New Belgium's Trippel is so delicious. Unfortunately we can only find it in the mix pack, and I'm not really a fan of the darker 1554 which you also get three of in the mix. I highly recommend trying it.

I miss the flip-flop tan line on my feet. So I painted my toe nails cotton candy pink. Of course I never get to see it, cause I'm wearing thick socks all the time. But I digress...

Too much typing, my head is spinning. I have to lie down now.

Go forth and drink some beers!


A Beer for the Shower said...

Never tried the Trippel. I do love the New Belgium line of beers. Perhaps I'll grab some and join you in a hangover. Hurrah!

Geof said...

My buddy got me a whole Duvel set (official glass and four bottles of deliciousness)for Christmas because I am still digging the Belgian brew right now. When we went to get it, the dude at the beer store mentioned I should try Trippel...but they don't sell it there. FAIL. Wait, did you drink this post-hangover/pre-pizza or is this and the wine what did you in?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You have adorable feet, said the guy with a foot fetish.

Karls said...

Nothing like pizza after a big night. That and potato chips with gravy. Mmmmmmm!

badheadday said...

Stop typing so loud.