Friday, March 22

friday, friday, friday

Happy Friday All!
Hope you like the new look!

Its a lazy lazy day here today, as I finally have a WHOLE. DAY. OFF.

And as anyone who has ever worked two jobs knows, those can be hard to come by.

I even got to sleep in. And by sleep in, I mean I slept until 7:15. I still find it funny that I'm old enough that I now consider 7:15 "sleeping in.

So there's nothing much to report here today.



Tivo'd Law & Order.

Sleeping kitties.

And FINALLY a little sunshine. The weather here is very schizophrenic. 65 degrees and sun, record rainfall, freezing temperatures, hurricane force winds, and then, another predicted 60 degree weekend. And that was just this week! Needless to say I haven't started my garden yet, since I have no idea what to expect out there. Or maybe I'm just being lazy.

Oh and I was grating some parmesean cheese on top of some Fettuccine Alfredo made-from-scratch last night and grated the top of my thumb off. YUM! The secret ingredient is love. And maybe a little flesh.

Boring post today, but I am trying to be more regular for those of you who are still there with me!

Here's to the return of,

McGriddle Pants    xoxo

Illustrated truthisms from "Things I've Said To My Children"


Shelly said...

I hate having the opportunity to sleep in and not taking full advantage of it. Do you try to force yourself to go back to sleep?

Sometimes I lay in bed and think to myself "I will not get out before 8am!" (But of course I do bc I have the bladder of an 80-year-old man with the prostate the size of a watermelon.)

Baby Sister said...

I used to be good at getting up at like 8:00 on my day off, but now that the Hubby and I are married, and he works graveyards, whenever I get a day off I stay up super late the night before to keep him company, and then sleep in super late so that we can actually sleep together a little bit.