Saturday, March 16


Things that seem to take me way longer to do than the average person:

Return movies to Netflix.

Fold laundry.

Buy new tires.

Throw away old underwear.

Throw away holey socks.


Mow the lawn.

Say, "No thanks, I think I've had enough to drink."

Throw away moldy fruit sitting on the kitchen counter.

Empty the litter box.

Pull clothes from the dryer

Get into the new "it" tv show.

Eat a piece of cheesecake (Ha! Had ya going there)

Do my taxes, even though I have a $500 refund coming.

De-bone a chicken.

Finish home improvement projects.

Find a shirt to go with the pants I want to wear.

Find shoes to go with the outfit I want to wear.

Write blog posts.

Happy Saturday Everyone!


McGriddle Pants

1 comment:

Baby Sister said...

I so agree with a lot of these. Except for the holey socks one. I'm really speedy gonzales about that because they DRIVE me CRAZY!!