Sunday, March 31

making strides

Oh Jesus! Its Easter!


Oh, are you religious? Sorry.

Hope everyone had a fabulous week!

I've been busy busy and when I had two seconds I couldn't think of anything to write! Nothing witty and funny and intriguing anyway.

First, I think I found a font for one of my new tattoos I'm planning...

And second, I've made serious strides (literally) in my 5K training.

Today I ran for TWENTY MINUTES! 


This is a serious, SERIOUS accomplishment for me in just 5 short weeks! Woo hoo!

And of course now I'm exhausted.

When is why I don't run in the morning.

And now I have to go to Easter Dinner.

But I'm excited for wine.

And lamb.


I made some amazeballs Bacon-Jalapeno Deviled Eggs.
See my Instagram feed yonder. ==>

And I worked this morning and was forceably required to put bunny ears on my head.
Also see Instagram feed yonder ==>
All in all, a good week.

Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday. Its 72 and sunny. It is LITERALLY the warmest Easter here in Oregon. Ever. WOOHOO!!

Tasteless, I know.

xoxox McGriddle Pants


A Beer For The Shower said...

My favorite jokes are always the tasteless ones.

Personally, I like that font. I think that would make for a great tattoo. It's got a lot of personality.

So where's this wine and lamb I was promised?

Baby Sister said...

I like the font. :) And...good job on your running accomplishment. :)