Sunday, March 10

Pub Crawl Scavenger Hunt

So last night I had the most fun ever. Like pretty much ever.
My book club had a


Organized by yours truly.

When I as doing research for this I had a hard time actually finding any ideas, so for shits and giggles I'm posting our list here. I STRONGLY encourage you to use this list and embark on your own hunt.

There were about 20 of us in all, and we broke into three teams. Each of us took this list and we had to take photographic evidence of each activity/drink/item. My plan was to "review" each teams list, but as a participant myself, I was pretty buzzed after 3 and a half hours of scavenging and ended up taking everyone at their word. And honestly,

 If you can't trust drunk book club ladies, who can you trust?

Here's my list, and a few pictures as well. Enjoy! 

Photos of Activities
 Man (not in group) wearing lipstick (5)
 Photo of a woman with a mullet (5)
 Team member on stranger’s shoulders (10)
 A team member sitting on a toilet (5)
 Team Pyramid (15)
 Rock, paper, scissors (5)
 A flag (3)
 Exactly 27 human fingers (3)
 A bear (2)
 Picture of the Queen (2)
 Entire Team wearing shirts inside out (5)
 Clock showing 9:17 (2)
 One mate & stranger w/spoon on noses (5)
 Someone playing a pin ball machine (5)
 Lunging on a dance floor (3)
 An angel (2)
 Put a bird on it! (2)
 Your entire group jumping mid-air (5)
 An unshaven female leg (20)
 Eating a picked egg (10)
 A team mate singing karaoke (5)
 Picture of team member’s reflection in a beer mirror (5)
 Become friends with the Snug Bar bartender, Robbie Wilson  (25)
 Photo proof of visiting each bar, consuming at least one drink, per team, per bar (2 points per bar, 50 points for all 16)

 One PBR bottle cap (3)
 An Illinois Quarter (10)
 A sword skewer stick (3)
 Take out menu from China Delight (5)
 A coaster from any bar with the bartender’s signature (limit one per bar) (5)
 Book of matches (2)

Drinks: *Consumed by someone on your team
 Diffusing (drinking) a jager bomb (3)
 A green drink (5)
 A blue drink (5)
 A white drink (10)
 A red drink (10)
 A Beer Sampler (20)
 A margarita (20)
 PBR tall boy (2)
 Drink with an umbrella in it
 Drinking from the beer tap (30)
 Drinking Beer Upside down (15)
 Chugging a beer with a stranger (10)

HIPSTER Bonus Round
 Plaid (1)
 Comic book/cartoon tattoo (2)
 Tattoo that makes no goddamn sense whatsoever, like a fucking scribble or something (10)
 Keys & bike lock hanging from belt loop (5)
 Someone wearing their hood up while indoors (2)
 Ear gauges (2)
 General malnourishment (10)
 American Spirits/other hippie cigarette (5)
 Dude wearing a headband (5)
 Proudly-displayed pit stains (10)
 Chain wallet (2)
 Anyone who brings an iPad into a bar (5)
 Jorts (cuffed or cut-off, scored equally) (20)
 Weather-inappropriate clothing (2)
 Suspenders (5)
 Belt made from a piece of rope (10)
 Unnecessarily high socks (10)
 Earbuds IN/or headphones ON head while in a bar (5)
 Neck beard (10)
On Strangers Shoulders
Drinking Beer Upside Down

Team Pyramid
Drinking beer from the tap
This was just a really funny picture.


Mrs. Beer said...

OMG THAT LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I love the photobombing of the innocent kids. Amazing.

PS. I nominated you to partake in this Liebster Award thingy! The deets are on my blog, girl!

denise said...

That sounds like such an amazing event!! Good job

Anonymous said...

My friend is having a going away party and wants to give this a try. Looks so fun! What do we need to do to plan ahead and be prepared? Print the list and create teams??

Steve Crawl said...

Thanks to share such a great information about Pub Crawl Scavenger Hunt.

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Anonymous said...

These are really good! Going to try it for my BF's pub crawl! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

you are bad ass.
and i am a plagiarist of bad assery.
having an original thought is too much work for me, so thank you.