Sunday, January 3

i guess it wasn't ALL bad...

2009 was a hum dinger of a crap-tastic year.

But as I told my mom I'm done being Negative Nancy and trying to focus on the good stuff. So here's a 2009 year wrap up, with highlights of the good stuff from this year.


met my best-friend-forever John!

Seinfeld Series Marathon!
Friends from Bend got together to watch ALLLL the
episodes... lasted about 5.5 days


Dropkick Murphy's concert in Eugene
Our PBR promo ad picture

Literally nothing good happened in March.
It was the evilest month ever.
To be DELETED from my memory.


Adriane's bachelorette party!
and my first ever performance singing Karaoke.
Bon Jovi's, Wanted dead or alive, w/the bride-to-be


Camping Memorial Day weekend!
Fun toys!!

Learned to shoot a gun
overcame a life-long fear or firearms


Levi & Amber's wedding in VEGAS!

Me & Tara sampling the fare
boozing it up in Vegas!!

Adriane's wedding!
this is before I got wasted, lost my camera,
& wandered the streets of Bend

Climbing Mt. St. Helens
Scotty, Rob, myself and Scott
one of the most physically difficult and
rewarding things I've ever done
[Read about it here]

View from the top of Mt. St. Helens
(Mt. Rainier in the distance)

Tubing down the Clakamas River!
Good times with good friends from Germany.


My Birthday Party!
"Celebrating 10 years of legal drinking"

Beerfest! in Portland


I got shingles!
Well, I think its funny.

Camping in Washington

There were only 2 of us... this was one day's worth


Beaver Football!!

Camping at Fish Lake with Jess & Dave
whilst rowing in the row boat we made up a song...
sing it to the tune of "My bologna has a first name..."
My dingey has a first name,
its T-U-B-E, tube!
My dingey has a second name,
its L-U-B-E, lube!
I like to row it every day,
and if you ask me why I'll sayyyyyy...
Cause my dingey has a special way,
with B-E-E-R, Yay, oh, Yay!
I know you're jealous of our song writing abilities.


Broken finger. Fx playing flag football.
Fired from Lowe's. A blessing in disguise.



Visiting my BFF in 'Zona!


Civil war!! Go Beavers!
(even though we lost)

Happy New Year!
(proud to be drama free!!)

Myself & Cheryl

Probably one of my favorite things about 2009 was getting to renew a friendship with my cousin Cheryl. She went through a divorce and has had a pretty rough year herself. But its been great getting to know her again and sharing our "crazy family" stories together. Or more like... comparing notes!

Thank God 2009 is over. I guess it wasn't ALL bad. But it was close...
Now for a fresh start! & Good times to come!


Aunt Juicebox said...

Wow you've had a really exciting year! Jealous of the Dropkick Murphys, but you can keep all the camping and outdoorsy stuff. lol

McGriddle Pants said...

Funnily, I saw the dropkicks twice last year! hehee. I love them. Seen them I think 6 times now. They love to come to our area though :)
You can come next time!

"Seattle" Heather said...

Hey! Question! Your trip to Fish Lake---Was that by chance the Fish Lake that is in Eastern Wash just on the other side of Stevens Pass? By Wenatchee? Just curious..

McGriddle Pants said...

Nah, actually our Fish Lake is in Southern Oregon, right next to Lake of the Woods, outside of Medford. Such clever names for these lakes ya know...