Saturday, January 9

best party of my life!

Last night I had the privilege of going to an eleven year old's birthday party. This mostly consisted of spaghetti, cake, presents and... wait for it... DANCE PARTY!! WhooOOoooHoooO! Okay but really I'm not a huge "dance party" kind of gal, but its pretty hilarious to watch kids run around whacking each other with balloons and "dancing" (yeah, i don't think what they were doing could technically be defined as dancing) to awful pop music.

But the highlight of the evening was young Gavin, a short skater kid with long hair. He ran up to me, with cake in his teeth, and yelled, "I get a little crazy when I have some sugar!" and then ran off. I laughed so hard!!

Then after continuing to dance and sing along, not another 2 minutes later, he came back to say, "I think my lungs have shrunk to the size of atoms!"

enjoy the magic...

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Anonymous said...

Those kids were hard core!