Wednesday, January 20

little rhodey, et al

Rhode Island: The Smallest State, Biggest Party.
Or so I've been told... repeatedly...

Holy hell batman! I've got a busy week coming up! Here's a quick tentative schedule, so you can wait on baited breath for my alcohol-soaked, mushy, beer pong adventured, shenanigan-laiden recap upon my return.

Tonight, another date with Mr. Man. We're going to watch Star Trek at his place. I LOVVVE that movie, and he's never seen it! For shame! (but I'm one to talk, since we just watched The Goonies for the first time Sunday, as I had never seen it. Filmed in Oregon no less. I got a LOT of shit from my friends on FB for that)

Tomorrow, at the ass-crack of dawn (3am) I'll be heading up to the airport and jetting out to Little Rhodey. I'm going to visit some bad ass friends from back in my Amica days (used to work for them in CT&NY). Hitting up Providence hard tomorrow night, then heading up to NH for some snowboarding, skiing, intense beer ponging, bbqing and kegging. Isn't it nice how you can turn nouns into verbs if you so wish?

Then Monday I'll be heading south to NY to visit two friends that I haven't seen for a year. Should be sooo fun! Lots of catching up and drinks to be had! So excited!

Then Wednesday I'll fly back to PDX and drive down to my cousin's house in Redmond to help her out. She's having a "procedure" done Thursday morning and won't be able to drive. Then we'll wait for the kids to get out of school and head down to the families cabin in Southern Oregon. Hopeing to get some snowshoeing in and general tomfoolery around the fire. I'm sure there'll be wine involved. Does it sound like me, my friends, and my family are all alcoholics? Its quite possible...

Our last trip to The Shire (NH)

So excited to see my boys!!


Yay to friends!! So excited!

I'll try to keep you all appraised via mobile, but no promises!
Have a great weekend(s)!!
See ya in February. Peace Out.
~McGriddle Pants

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