Monday, January 18

a-town awesomeness

Well kiddos, I've been MIA this last week and for that I apologize. I'm sure you saw from my last post that I have a new gentlemen friend in my life, and we're having a great time getting to know each other. Its going very, very well, and I'm very optimistic. But I digress, I won't go on-and-on too much cause I don't want any of you to vomit over my sappiness (Brad).

I will tell you about my adventure in Albany bowling (date number two) from Wednesday night.

First off, we hit up "Lake Shore Lanes" (not anywhere near a body of water) and the place is in full red-neck/white-trash swing. It must have been league night or something cause there were manboobs o-plenty and many an ass-crack to view. But I didn't see any mullets, so that was a slight disappointment.

So we start off on our first game or so and this family comes up next to us. The parents appear to be Albany born and raised (you can just tell the type) and they have two children, both equally non-interested in the bowling adventure their parents have thrust upon them. The daughter was named Kaysea which instantly rubs me the wrong way. I have such a pet peeve about people who named their kids with fucked up names, of that have the spellings butchered. Kaysea is just another example of idiocy that makes me want to slap people. Not to mention my cousin who named her son Kebin. Yeah, that's with a "b". She must hate her son. My rule is you have to be able to spell it when you hear it, and say it when you see it. Simple right? Ahhhhh, but I digress...

Little boy son was sporting a mohawk. He was about 3 and also had a tattoo, ON HIS FOREHEAD. I'm all for kids and their creativity, and I'm sure he thought it was a great idea to put his temporary tat on his face, but really parents? You're taking the fam into public. Whatevs.

On to the best part...

After family-fun-time leaves a couple park themselves in the lane next to us to our right. Cool-guy boyfriend is boozing a pitcher of beer by himself and his lady friend is drinking some mixed drink thing (probably something off of the television, like So-Co and lime, or Bacardi & Cola, or Disirono on the rocks).

The place was extremely warm, so when cool-guy boyfriend takes off his sweatshirt, I was not surprised to see him sporting a wife-beater tank.

I think this is his older brother

The best part was about 10 minutes later his lady friend took off her sweatshirt, to show her (drumroll please) MATCHING WIFE-BEATER TANK TOP! Awwwwww, so sweet, matching $3 walmart shirts. Perhaps hers is called a hubby-beater? The help-my-boyfriend-punched-me-and-I've-fallen-and-can't-reach-the-phone-to-call-911-beater?

Just another night in Albany.


Brad Carter said...

Wow, you're even less positive about Albany than I am.

Jon said...

Where did you find my high school yearbook photo?? I'm so embarrassed..

Aunt Juicebox said...

Kebin? Nu uh.

Brad Carter said...

I'm headed to that bowling alley right now to get some dinner. Yep, I eat my dinner at the bowling alley. Maybe I'm one of THEM.