Tuesday, January 12

tuesday tunes

Here's my top 10 of the week (old/new, foreign/domestic):
click the links to listen, duh!!

Atreyu: Lonely
Far-Less: Roswell That Ends Well
My Chemical Romance: Sleep
Tiger Army: Forever Fades Away
Melody Gardot: Our Love is Easy
The Last Goodnight: Pictures of You
Lady Gaga: Speechless
Mad Caddies: State of Mind
Hundred Reasons: No Way Back
Real McKenzies: Droppin' Like Flies

I'm not exactly who's blog I stole this idea from, so I'm sorry if I didn't credit you properly. Hit me up if you want the some cred! or traffic. or some girl scout cookies, which are apparently on sale NOW! (damn you diet! i could really use some tag-a-longs)


Anonymous said...

***EEEEEEK** GIRL SCOUT COOKIES?!?! Are the little calorie selling devils in front of Hollywood again? Dude, I get my movies for free - that's the only reason I don't weigh 300 pounds anymore.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Ah crap! Thanks for the cookie warning. That means I'm going to have to be careful about where I grocery shop for a couple weeks. I can and will by 100 boxes of those given the chance, and I'm doing too well on my diet to be thrown off the wagon by girl scouts!